Alicante wedding photographer with a Mediterranean vibe and natural approach

Heeello! Seems like you're looking for a Alicante wedding photographer. Is it? Hehe... Well, you found two in the same place!

We are David and Carla and we are wedding photographers in Alicante. You might know it already, but we are here to confirm that you picked one of the most beautiful places in the world to get married.

Alicante wedding photographer

Yeah, David was raised in Altea, Alicante so it might be a bit biased (according to him is the most beautiful town in the world, with all it's lovely Mediterranean cobbled streets, it's sunsets and sunrises, the white walls, the old town, the sea...), but he's not that wrong to be honest. He knows all the surroundings very much and it's true that Alicante (the whole area) is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We have it all: the perfect weather, amazing food, more than 300 days a year of sun, friendly people, music and the very well known Mediterranean vibe. We don't mean to sound cocky, just pointing out some of our strengths

So, considering these qualities, it's obvious why destination weddings in Alicante are really a thing right now. In fact we're specialized in those weddings. Lovely couples that come from all around the globe to celebrate their special day in front (or very close) to the Mediterranean sea.

So far we have photographed couples from Canada, United States, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Holland... As you can see all of them come from far far away, and even though the long trip. And we would love to photograph you too!

In fact, let us show you what we do, how we do it, and what our lovely destination couples have said about us.

Again: not trying to sound cocky, but we love what our couples say about us. Not because it's good for us, but because we did good to them. To read all those amazing things they say about our services (and specifically about us) really melt our hearts.

Some of them are in English and some of them are in Spanish, so we try to translate them as true to their reality as we can using the same tone and relatable words, but in case we are mistaken you can see their original reviews in our Google My Business page.

That's what we aim for, to make that kind of impression. We know how hard you worked to organize your wedding. Specially being abroad! And we do our best to help you in any way we can. Not only photography related, but anything we can help you with.

Alicante wedding photographer

(wedding at VIVOOD Hotels in Alicante. Very close to the Mediterranean sea)

We know cultural differences and language can be a barrier, but since David speaks English perfectly, and the fact that he grew up in Altea, Alicante (one of the most multicultural places in Spain, in fact there were more than 60 nationalities in his middle school), and -aside of a degree in Artistic Photography- he also has a degree in Tourism, so being a Alicante wedding photographer to capture lovely abroad couples celebrating their destination wedding felt just right.

For us wedding photography is an adventure and something unique. Not only because it's our job, but because we are a couple who met in 2015 in the Superior School of Arts and Design of Valencia and since then started dating first, then living together, and then starting our own wedding photography business.

This is about you guys, and your desire to celebrate something unique and extremely personal. Something that follows no protocol because there shouldn't be any protocol to life, and your wedding is part of your life

Carla is also a painter and illustrator. She attended the Fine Arts university in Altea, Alicante (even though we met in Valencia, we both were living in Altea without knowing each other). She's the one who makes the final touches like hand drawing your packagings or drawing an illustration of you two in your amazing day.

We love to capture those special moments that happen right before our noses in an incredible and magical day. That's what it's happening and that's what we are photographing.

Alicante wedding photographer with a natural, honest and narrative approach

But before finish... We haven't shown you enough pictures yet! Let's fix that with some examples of our wedding photography work. Some of them were done as a Alicante wedding photographers, like in Moraira, in Benissa, Javea, Altea or Beniarbeig, but we have also done some work all around Spain.

So, are you still looking for a Alicante wedding photographer? We are the ones you're looking for!
Those were only some starting points to understand more about our wedding photography vision, but of course there's more!

Now it's your turn. Let's get to know each other.

We would love to hear from you and your awesome wedding in Alicante!
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