#9 Chabela + Óscar

«When I reached the door... He was pooping! And I was like, what do I do now?»

This post is part of a photography series that we've called 'bésame muuuchooooo' (kiss me a lot, like the Spanish song) where we tell stories about the way these couples have met each other and portray them in all their raw and passional love

How they met each other

Chabela: - That one is easy. I know that one. Who goes first?

Óscar: - Since you're first since the day we were born I'll go first this time

We met in a cabaret. I was performing on a stage as a dancer and acrobat and she was in the audience. And she was in the audience for two reasons: one, because of the company in charge of the cabaret is also a dance academy and she was a student there. Her dance instructor was performing that day too.
The other reason, and the most important one, is because her best friend was also a university colleague of mine. All my university colleagues were invited to the show, and among them Chabela's best friend.
Chabela was invited because they had an empty spot and she was like 'Chabela, I'm going to watch a friend of mine performing in a cabaret, we have an empty seat, do you wanna come?' and she was like 'Yeah, also my dance academy is performing too, so...'. It was a coincidence.

Chabela: - As a matter of fact, I like to talk about destiny or whatever because my friend was all like 'come on, come with us'. So I got dressed, I put my make up on. The things you do. So when I was ready I ask her 'are you coming to pick me up or what?' and she says 'the empty spot has already been taken, if you want to you can buy a ticket, but you won't be able to seat with us' 'It's OK Marta (Chabela's friend), I wanted to go because I was going to be with you, but if I have to get a single ticket to be alone I won't. I'll get my pajama again'. So I got my pajama, I removed my make up and then my friend calls me again 'The seat is empty again' 'Look, Marta, it's OK, I'm already in my pajama and I removed my make up' and she says 'I'm at your door'. So I got quickly dressed again, I put on some quick make up and I went down stairs to get into Marta's motorbike.
So yeah, it was destiny. If Marta wouldn't have insisted that much we wouldn't be sitting here.

The first time they saw each other

Chabela: - When I sat next to Marta she pointed to Óscar and said 'this is my friend'. Before the show started he came out of stage and I was like 'your friend is cute, huh?'. 'Yes'. And I was like: 'you never told me that you had a cute friend that performs in a cabaret. You know I like cabaret'. And then Marta says: 'he is also a writer'. So I moved to the best seat and enjoyed the show.

Óscar: - The show lasted for two hours. She was staring at me all the time but I couldn't see who she was. She was the first one that had eyes on me.

Chabela: - He came out in the interlude and I saw he had light eyes. I love blondies with light eyes. That's what I like. So when he reached us he was like 'Hi! I'm Óscar' and I was like 'Hi, I'm Chabela!'. I couldn't get my eyes off of him. He was really handsome. So the show continued and one of the songs included a naked part with no shirts and no pants, and even though he was upstage Óscar took his clothes off right in front of me, and I was like 'I have only gave him two kisses and he's already all mine'

Óscar: - By that time I didn't noticed about her. But since she was seating with my friends I went to that area to take off my clothes. Because my friends were there. She likes to tell the story that way but by that time I didn't noticed her.

Chabela: -Yeah right... You didn't noticed me...

Óscar: - She likes to think that I did, but OK...

Chabela: - You didn't know it yet, but you had noticed me.

What changed in all these years in their relationship

Chabela: - Right now I think of the things we did when we met each other and it's still the same. For example: I went to Benidorm to see him, and we decided to go out for dinner. We were just a fling in that moment. I wasn't sure which dress to wear and I ask him: 'which one do you like the most?'. He was in the bathroom and he said 'come here so I can see you'. I thought he was shaving himself or something like that because the bathroom door was open, so I came in. When I reached the door... He was pooping! And I was like, what do I do now? do I leave? do I laugh? I got all red. And then he says: 'wear the white one!'. So I got dressed with the white dress and kept thinking: 'what do I do? do I get in the bathroom again?' and then he shouts: 'are you wearing the white dress already? come here so I can see it'. 'Does he really want me to go again to the bathroom? Is his voice weird because he is pushing hard so the poop comes out?' I was in shock, in my family we are shier. It felt really weird for him to do that.

Óscar: - From the first moment I established certain clear parameters, like... look, I don't mind being naked, for example

Chabela: - I might have judged him in that moment, but now I understand him. It's a different kind of personality, which I appreciate and I like, since I have changed. With my ex partners I would have never do that. Nor watch it or do it. Now, when I'm getting dressed and I ask him 'does this suit me?' and he's pooping and he answers it strikes my head: it's still the same as it used to be.

Óscar: - What is not the same it's when she's pooping. That's what changed (laughs).

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