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France and Canada at Javea's sunsetO + M · Wedding at Casa Santonja (Jávea-Beniarbeig)

O + M · Wedding at Casa Santonja (Jávea-Beniarbeig)
Ah... A wedding at Casa Santonja at sunset... Gorgeous! This Mediterranean venue surrounded by green everywhere (even its facade!) where you can hear the birds singing, the frogs croaking and where guests dance and laugh while stars start to shine in the sky. Such an amazing place is where Olivia and Maxim's wedding was held. We must be right while describing how s[...]


Hooola à toutes et à tous! Voici les photos prises lors du mariage d’Olivia et Maxim, quelques photos du beau couple afin que vous puissiez aller voir un avancement. Merci beaucoup à Olive et Maxim pour votre confiance en ver nous pour un jour aussi important que celui-là et merci beaucoup d’être si gentil avec nous, vous êtes tous très beau :D Vous pouvez nous su[...]

Italy and Spain celebrating together!I + M · Wedding in Naquera (Valencia)

I + M · Wedding in Naquera (Valencia)
There are moments in life where you think they are just one experience else and nothing is going to change, but when you do live them you realize they marked a before and after. That's what happened to Irene when she went to Italy to do her overseas university experience. She never thought she would fall in love with an Italian 'ragazzo' named Massi, even less staying[...]

May the force be with you while getting ready!P + C · A different wedding in Valencia

P + C · A different wedding in Valencia
There are many ways to celebrate a different wedding in Valencia. When we met Patri and Carlos we quickly realized how special and what a wonderful couple they are. In order to know more about our couples stories we like to ask them how they met each other and theirs is quite peculiar and common at the same time these days: through an online chat. She is a profession[...]

The Costa Blanca, England and it's beauty R + A · Wedding in Moraira’s Castle (Spain)

R + A · Wedding in Moraira's Castle (Spain)
We like weddings. As a matter of fact we love weddings. As much as photography, music, travelling, having breakfast in beautiful and cozy cafeterias, getting to know new corners and new people with their stories. To be able to enjoy all of that makes us very privileged. Roxy and Adam wanted us to tell their love story and their wedding in Moraira, which is something [...]

England and Spain at sunsetB + M · Wedding in Jardines la Hacienda

B + M · Wedding in Jardines la Hacienda
We finally met Bea and Matt last winter, when we did their pre wedding. Our first contact was through Skype, since they live in England, and even it's colder through a screen you could see how joyful they are. She is from Valencia and met Matt while visiting England, where they finally settled, but something was clear: their wedding had to be in Valencia, and to be m[...]

Possibly the most beautiful place in the worldM+J · Post wedding in Altea

M+J · Post wedding in Altea
The first time we met María and Jesús and we introduced ourselves the 'Altea' topic came out since David was raised there and it is such a beautiful place. As beautiful as their wedding venue. María agreed with David and told us that she used to visit Altea regularly some years ago and that she loved the place. Since we did their pre wedding in Valencia, at July's fun[...]

Valencia-Santander connection B + A · Wedding in Masia Niñerola

B + A · Wedding in Masia Niñerola
Before describing this wedding in Masia Niñerola we have to go back to the begining, and it all starts with a coffee.We met Blanca and Alberto in a November afternoon, when sun isn't hitting so hard and there's an embracing and cozy cold air that wraps you and makes you curl. They started to tell us things about their wedding and we ended up having a lovely conversati[...]