Wedding at Mas de Lucía

Here we go again with another beautiful celebration! It's time to Gema and Oscar's wedding at Mas de Lucía (Nules, Castellón). Venue that we have only saw in pictures before this day and it was beautiful, but now that we have worked on it it's even better! The interior of the venue and the patio were the ceremony was held are incredible.

With Gema and Oscar we have had some sort of flashbacks from one of the first weddings we photographed back in 2017. Is not that both grooms shared their name, but also the fact that both grooms are musicians, they both play saxo, and in both weddings their music bands came as a guests, but also as a musicians. But specially we felt the flashback because both bands played a song that David can't forget: "El tablón". Which is a really funky upbeat song that is played by bands in Fallas (Valencia's regional festivities) in March.

Let's get back to Gema and Oscar's wedding at Mas de Lucía. They both got ready at the same venue, which we have mentioned in Elena and Nikolai's wedding gallery that we believe it's a great idea, not only from a logistical point of view, but also because of the situation that gets around it when both doors are opened at the same time and the only distance between them (and seeing each other) is a 4m2 lobby, so it forces you to close a door before opening the other one to avoid seeing each other.

But why so much mystery around it? Well, because what it's about to come it's another great moment that we love at weddings: THE FIRST LOOK! Which, in case you didn't know, is seeing each other dresses as a bride and groom for the first time before the ceremony. The moment Gema starts walking down the stairs and gets side by side with Oscar, both of them facing us at the front and waiting us to shout "GO!" so they can turn and see each other is magical. We loved their reaction! And specially the way that Gema shows Oscar her shoes too.

By the way, they know each other since they were kids. In fact, their parents are friends. As a matter of fact... Gema's mom and dad met thanks to Oscar's father!

Oh god, we have written so much already, and it's nothing compared with how much the pictures show, so we're going to stop now and let you enjoy this gorgeous wedding at Mas de Lucía :)

Wedding planner: Nona Eventos
Venue: Mas de Lucía
Catering: Grupo Peñalén
Hair dresser: Carmen Barceló
Make up: Maria Macián
Bride's dress: Rosa Clará
Tiara: Carmen Ortí
Rings: Eva Cerdà
Bride's shoes: Jade
Groom's suit: Higinio Mateu
DJ: DJ Josvi
Lighting: TS Audiovisuales
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea