Wedding at Racó del Pastor

Oh my god Elena and Nikolaaaaaaai! What an amazing and beautiful couple! and what an amazing wedding at Racó del Pastor (Orba)!

Let's try to calm down a little bit. But we can't help it, we really loved and enjoyed this wedding. You'll understand when you see the pictures, but we can give you a little hint: both Elena's and Nikolai's energy is out of this world. And that's not all: their guest's too!

But first their story: Elena and Nikolai met 10 years ago in a disco. They went out a couple of times but Elena moved to Australia for a month and their relationship got cold. When she came back from Australia they started talking again, at their 6 month anniversary they moved in together (almost like us!) and today, in their wedding at Racó del Pastor, they got married. Well, not today, but you know what we mean...

About their wedding: they started getting ready together in the same hotel room in Calpe, with beautiful views to the Mediterranean sea. Yes, they got ready together, in the same room. Which is freaking awesome. Not only is practical and easier, but also sharing such an important day from the beginning until the end, and helping each other to get ready, is the perfect example of how we understand weddings.

Then we took the elevator, where we took them some great pictures while the door was closing. And then the roof, again with amazing views to the Mediterranean sea. And now straight to their wedding at Racó del Pastor. Where they arrived late, by the way. Just taxis stuff, cash money and lack of payment terminal. Don't forget to bring cash to your wedding! Is not really common, but sometimes some shops and services don't accept credit cards.
Truth be told: we loved this anecdote too. It was a funny one, they took it with their best smile, and nothing else happened. It was a very refreshing way to do things in a wedding: in a relaxed way and enjoying every minute of it. No matter what.

The ceremony, and the whole venue, was decorated by Silvia Sánchez, their wedding planner, which was also incredible. Did we mentioned nice adjectives already? We did, didn't we? Sorry, but as we said earlier we really loved Elena and Nikolai's wedding.

Considering both their energy our war cry had to be "PERREEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOO" (something like ROCK ONNNNNNNNN) every once in a while. It was also the sign to get them on fire for the picture!

We have just realized how much we have written so far, so we're going to stop and ask you to check their amazing pictures, because you came here to see their photos not to read us falling in love with their day.
One last thing: just watch their both amazing energy. Also Nikolai's face expression after the tequila shot. Amazing. As everything in their wedding at Racó del Pastor.

Wedding planner: Silvia Sánchez
Venue: Racó del Pastor
Catering: Aurrera Xperience Catering
Flowers: FlorArte Floristeria Alicante
Make up and hairdresser: Mireia Costa
Bride's dress: Jesus Peiro
Tiara: Luis Benitez Millinery
Bride's shoes: The Perfect Bridal - Oakley
Groom's suit: Tiger of Sweden
DJ: Ruben Marin
Lighthing: Amsonido
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea