Wedding at Marques Montemolar (Altea)

A couple celebrating their wedding in Costa Blanca in the wedding venue Marques Montemolar (Altea)

Well, well, well... This wedding at Marques Montemolar in our very loved Altea it's a big one. We have been waiting to photograph a wedding in this extremely beautiful venue for a long time, and now that we finally did it was AMAZING! Not only because of the venue itself (which we're in love with), but also because Lara and Rafa's wedding was extremely beautiful! But also their wedding took place the same day of the annual greatest fireworks show in Altea which made everything even better (as if it's possible...).

Let's get started. As we just mentioned we have been waiting to photograph a wedding at Marques Montemolar for a very long time. We have worked in the most beautiful venues in Costa Blanca but this one resisted our charms and desires. This venue is so gorgeous and the different ambiences for every wedding moment (ceremony, cocktail, dinner, cocktail...) it's ideal. Each corner has something that you would love.

But let's get to our lead characters here: Lara and Rafa were gorgeous. Lara's dress really impressed us, same as Rafa's suit. He picked a copper-coloured suit that really matched all the wedding details: the bridesmaids dresses, the best men suits, the bouquet... Along with the venue's white/cream and green colours. Those earth complimentary tones were right on spot.

Their ceremony took place in the afternoon which we believe is the best moment to celebrate it during the Spanish summer: the sun is not as high, the light is not as hard and is placed on a side, which makes everything more pleasant, and the temperature is not as hot. Bear in mind that weddings normally take place in summer. And Spain's summers are HOT. Considering Lara and Rafa's wedding took place in August yes, it was hot, but in the afternoon is not as unbearable as it is during the central hours of the day. Also Marques Montemolar has the Mediterranean sea and the mountains right in front of your eyes, which is refreshing.
Some of their guests might not agree with us, seeing how they jumped into the fans as soon as they had one in sight 😂

Dinner started with some sparkles machine placed in front of Marques Montemolar facade that were ignited when Lara and Rafa showed up in the balcony to enjoy their champagne and dance a little bit, which was also the starting signal to get dinner served.
But those were not going to be the only sparkles they will see during their wedding day. At 00:00 some other fireworks were about to begin.

Those who don't know about it, every year on the second Sunday of August there's a fireworks show in Altea called 'Castell de l'Olla' which takes place in La Olla de Altea. It is a 20 minutes fireworks show thrown from the Mediterranean sea. People usually go to the beach in the morning with some food and snacks and spend the whole day in the beach until 00:00 when the fireworks show starts.
We obviously didn't do that, but... Guess who has an extremely privileged view from the mountain with a direct vision to the Mediterranean sea, and it's placed almost right in front of the spot where they shoot the fireworks? the venue Marques Montemolar, indeed. You better take the most out of that privileged location and don't miss it! And they didn't. Everyone moved to the ceremony area, which is the best spot to watch it, and enjoyed a great fireworks show.

You could think that this was the highest peak of the wedding, but that's not true at all. After the fireworks show everyone got in the party mood so they rushed to eat the cake without plates (yeah, just directly from the cake with spoons 😂) and to the dance floor. You could really tell that everyone wanted to dance!

Lara anda Rafa's first dance, DJ mixing great songs with a live sax performer at his best. And then dance the night away. An amazing closure for an amazing wedding at Marques Montemolar. The amazing venue that we finally had the chance to photograph a wedding in. And what a wedding!

Venue: Finca Marqués de Montemolar (Altea)
Wedding planner: Louise Bradley
Catering service: Sabors catering
Florist: Tagua
Hair dresser: Debonhair International
Make up artist: Jenna Flowers Makeup Artist
Bride's dress: Aire Barcelona
Groom's suit: Twisted Taylor
DJ: DJ CJ/Valcarez
Guitarist: Musical matista
Saxophonist: Manu Lopez
Live music: Tr3s de Azucar
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea