Wedding at Masia Cabellut (Barcelona)

It's a common knowledge that every event that happens during a wedding are very similar in order: getting dressed, the ceremony, the cocktail, the banquet, first dance and party... How ever Jess and Keiran completely surprised us in their wedding at Masia Cabellut, which is a vineyard wedding venue in Barcelona (well, not really Barcelona, but is pretty close actually).
They did something we have never seen, nor even considered, and it pretty freaking amazing and it was perfect. So perfect that we're suggesting some of our couples to do the same.

But now that we have your attention we're going to play hard to get first. A sort of clickbait, but not really, because we're going to tell you... Right after we talk about our stars today: Jess and Keiran. This is how they met.

"We met on our first day at university in Manchester in 2006. We were housemates - randomly put together in a big shared flat. Keiran arrived first and despaired – the other flatmates who had moved in so far were a bad hippy, a narcoleptic Japanese man who spoke almost no English, an angry German, and an even angrier man from Middlesbrough. Then Jess walked in - a smiling, confident girl who could make friends with anyone. But it wasn't quite love at first sight – unlike today when all students seem to be trendy, in our day we all looked terrible. So we'll call the start of our relationship proper 2007.
We built a great group of friends in Manchester – some of whom are married thanks partly to Jess' master matchmaking skills. And 15 years later, finally, we're the last one of that gang to get married".

Now, let's talk about their wedding, because it's basically the dream of every couple that wants to get married in a Mediterranean vineyard venue. Their wedding planner Linda, from Better Together weddings, put everything together. As we have mentioned the wedding took place near Barcelona, and their close ones were coming mainly from England, so Linda's planning skills were indispensable.

Mas Cabellut is the perfect Mediterranean vineyard venue we were referring before. Is the one that you can see in the movies where there main characters travel around southern Europe and visit those vineyards at sunset while riding their bikes. It's incredibly beautiful.

So, on one side you had the cocktail area with a pool right in front of your eyes with mountain and vineyard views. On the other side you had a beautiful tent where the banquet was going to be held, and on the opposite side of the venue you had the ceremony area.

Lets talk about what Jess and Keiran did completely different, that we are playing way too much hard to get: as many other couples they got dressed in different rooms and when they were ready they did a 'first look' near the pool, while the guests were arriving. Then, instead of heading to the ceremony, they enjoyed the cocktail with their guests for two hours or so!

That's it: they re-organized the common wedding schedule! It's genius! They waited to be belly-full with the very tasty cocktail, they enjoyed the sun, the music, the amazing views to the Barcelona's vineyards, they also enjoyed the champagne tower they filled themselves with lots of bottles of champagne, they engaged and enjoyed the conversation with their friends and family and they had the family speeches too. And when the sun started to go down and all the nervousness was fading a little bit away they moved to the ceremony area to celebrate their ceremony.
Then they said 'I do' while the sun was hiding behind the mountains. Then the banquet, the party... and sun rise. Or at least we believe they saw the sun rise. Or some of them!

Well, that's way too much text so far. We'll let you enjoy Jess and Keiran's extremely beautiful wedding at Masia Cabellut in Barcelona. Or well, near Barcelona.

Venue: Mas Cabellut
Wedding planner: Linda (Better Together weddings)
Catering service: Sensacions Barcelona
Florist: Loving The Flowers
Hair dresser: Marina
Make up artist: Marina
Bride's dress: Jesus Peiro
Bride's shoes: Carvela
Groom's suit: Suit Supply
DJ: Suit and Music
Live music: Cece Giannotti & Luciano Ceraso
Celebrant: Toby Harper
Stationery design: Papergrace UK
Photography: d'Althea