#7 Lorena + Andrés

«This year it's been 19 years since it all started. That's quite something!»

This post is part of a photography series that we’ve called ‘bésame muuuchooooo‘ (kiss me a lot, like the Spanish song) where we tell stories about the way these couples have met each other and portray them in all their raw and passionate love

"We met in a high school's trip but nothing happened. The next year we were in the same class and for some reason we ended up sitting together". "I had a boyfriend and didn't paid him much attention, but since my relationship with my partner wasn't so good Andrés was my support in the classroom and told him my problems. When I left my boyfriend I was in a pretty bad place and started to skip classes for a couple of weeks, and here the Don Juan wrote to me every day asking me how I was and telling me he missed me or asking me if I wanted him to bring me the class notes. So when I started to go back to school we started to get more and more closer and then a random afternoon we went to the park near our school and in between funny looks, sitting together, the hands..."

In the middle of the street I said 'COME HEREEEEEEEE!' and 'SMOOCHES, HERE WE GOOO'

That's where it all started. This year it's been 19 years since then. That's quite something!"

"She was the regular brunette with attitude. The kind of girl that it's unreachable. A very confident girl. I like that. But I also liked other things too... One of her atributes..." (Lorena) "SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY IT! MY ASS!!" (Laughs)

"Since I had a boyfriend I didn't notice him, but when I broke up with my ex I started to say: this guy is sweet, is very nice. He has me in his mind all the time, he takes care of me... I noticed things I never saw before, or that I didn't wanted to see before because I had other things in my mind, and I started to notice what he was offering me. But also the passion. There was a lot of chemistry"

I noticed when I looked at him that he was so attracted to me. That tension that I was able to see in his eyes when he looked at me was like OHHHHHH YESS, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEES!