Our first advice would be: do whatever the f**k you want. It's your day and your wedding. Don't let anyone tell you what to do, not even us.

That being said, in this page you have some tips and ideas we have learned during our many years photographing beautiful weddings. We believe these tips will help you take the most out of every moment of your wedding day: the getting ready part, the ceremony, the photo shoot, the group shots, the party... And also they will help you enjoy your day even more. And also make your pictures even better. But the best advice we can give you is to do whatever the f**k you want.

That means that is not mandatory to wear a white dress; is not mandatory to do a first dance; is not mandatory to wear shoes (one of our brides walked around bare foot her whole wedding), and is also not mandatory to follow the usual wedding schedule (we'll expand on this a few lines down because one of our couples did something that we ABSOLUTELY loved, it seemed one of the best ideas ever when it comes to a wedding, and since then we always suggest to do it or at least bear the idea in mind).

Anyways, if you want to follow any of these tips is because you wanted to.

Get the point? Good. LET'S ROCK!

The last thing you have to worry about right now is the photos. At this time the nerves are usually quite present, so if you want for the room to have a lot of people in it that's totally OK, but we'll suggest that they be calm people. Normally, along with the ceremony, this is one of the most nervous-full moments which is understandable, but try to enjoy it too because it also has its thing.

During the getting ready we'll give you some space so we don't overwhelm you too much. We'll also take this opportunity to photograph details such as wedding dress and suit, rings, bouquet, etc...

If it's possible we suggest that you get ready in a room with enough space to move around freely. It's also great to have a window nearby to take the most out of the beautiful natural light. It wouldn't hurt to tidy up the room a little in order to avoid everything lying around disturb the composition of the pictures.

It can also help calm your nerves to have some background music that you love. Something to drink or snack doesn't hurt either. Our intention with all this is that you feel relaxed, surrounded by your people while enjoying this moment of your wedding too.

We would suggest against doing what one of our grooms (and his friends) did on his wedding day during while getting ready. He climbed into a beam about 3 meters (10 feet) high and jump into the pool. Nothing bad happened but our advice is:

- Take a dip in the pool with friends before starting to get ready = more than great

- Jump from a 3 meters (10 feet) beam before starting to prepare = great, but... Maybe it's not the best day to do something like that.

But if you do it, be sure that we'll take some photos 😎

Let's start with some frequently asked questions: how do you grab the bouquet? How do you do a tie knot? Both our answers would be 'we have no idea'. And we couldn't care less, and you shouldn't care less either. None of that will make a tiny difference on how beautiful your day will be, so let's move on.

First look, YES OR no?

Let's start with something that is really cool, and it could also calm your nerves: the first look. We strongly suggest to do it, and here's why:

  1. It will result in some amazing pictures. The reactions are priceless and all of them will be photographed.
  2. It makes the nerves fade away a little bit: you two see each other right before the ceremony, which makes you feel more relaxed.
  3. It's not really something traditional which makes it quite refreshing

Regarding the celebrant

Weddings are supposed to be fun and emotional. And so is the ceremony. It's much more personal and interesting for the celebrant to be a friend who really knows you or a professional celebrant.

Also, you might not know it, but when you get close to each other after walking down the aisle you two can hug, can talk or you two can even kiss (who-would-have-said-it?!). You can also hug your wedding party or whatever. There's absolutely no need to be so formal!

What's the thing that surprised us the most during the ceremony?

At the beginning of this guide we mentioned this, and here it goes: the thing that surprised us the most during the ceremony is for the regular scheduled to be different that what it usually is. Let us explain ourselves. Normally here's a classical wedding day schedule:

  1. Getting ready
  2. Ceremony
  3. Cocktail
  4. Dinner
  5. Party

What's wrong with it? Well, normally this means that the ceremony light won't be the best since it's still quite early (specially in Spain) and the nerves are still quite present.

What's the schedule that COMPLETELY surprised us and we COMPLETELY loved? To invert the ceremony and cocktail schedule. Like this:

  1. Getting ready
  2. Cocktail
  3. Ceremony
  4. Dinner
  5. Party

Following this schedule you can enjoy the cocktail and the presence of your people around you, the sun starting to slowly go down, and calm the nerves a little bit. You two saw each other already, your people saw you two already, the not-so-pleasant light is starting to turn into a freakingly magical light and you only need to enjoy yourselves. And also enjoy the best possible light for the ceremony: the sun almost setting, or even completely set (which means some extremely pleasant soft light that couldn't be better). Your pictures will look AMAZING and the ceremony will be magical.

Our last piece of advice for this part of your wedding would be to ask your guests to not be in the middle to take some pictures with their devices. Yeah, we totally get it, you two look stunning, it's a very emotional moment and they want to photograph you two, but that's our job! And is not like we want to act cocky or anything, but... Our pictures will look better ;p

Let your people enjoy the ceremony. We're the ones that have to work (and the rest of your suppliers).

LOTS of kisses and hugs everywhere. Food and drink everywhere (be aware that you might not even taste any of it haha, your guests won't let you with all the hugging and kissing so get ready to pay for the food but not to eat it)

During this part of your wedding we'll photograph all your people. And since you might not be able to eat the cocktail at least you will have pictures of your guests eating it. Isn't it a bit mean? Well, that's what it is. It's a great memory though!

Nah, just kidding, everyone is SO happy for you two so they will rush to hug you and kiss you, and squis and whatever. Enjoy this moment!

Just one thing to note: depending if your wedding takes place during the morning or the afternoon, and also depending on the date you get married, this could be one of the best moments in terms of natural lighting. So, if you want to play some games or something that could be a great moment to do it.

Also, of course, this could be a great opportunity to take the group shots, which is our next 'chapter' of this guide and also this could be a great opportunity to do your newly-weds photo shoot!

But this will depend on some things that we'll mention in a few lines down.

First let's get started with...

Have you seen how FREAKINGLY beautiful and majestic this couple, along with their bridesmaids and best men look? They seem to be in a Vogue magazine cover!

Let's get to the group shots. They might be a little boring but they might also be some of your favorite pictures. And we'll do our best to make this moment as pleasant as possible too.

First thing goes first: to avoid those 'oh, shit, I should have asked uncle Tony and aunt Mary to be in a picture too' moments we strongly suggest that you two make a list with all the family and friends that should be in a formal photo with you two. This can be done a few days before the wedding in order to avoid the last-moment stress. The list will avoid the stress of forgetting to be photographed with some important family member or friend during your wedding day.

It could be something like this:

  1. Uncle 'Paquito' and auntie 'Paquita' with you two
  2. Cousin 'Javiercita' and cousin 'Javiercito' with you two
  3. The whole family from one side
  4. The whole family from the other side
  5. Close friends (in a moment we'll explain why this should be the last one).
  6. Etc...

The next thing to do is to handle that list to some of your bridesmaids or best-men that knows your people very much. Do not give us that list! We won't know who anyone is and it will take us muuuuuuuuch more time than needed.

The group shot with your close friends

Why this should be the last group shot? First, they are more fun, so we rather give that photo a bit more time, and that way we avoid your family members to be waiting unnecessarily.
Also, the closeness with them will result into a more fun ambient, which we'll get your engines starting for the most fun part of a wedding and we don't want to mess with that 'momentum'.

What about the poses? We'll vary between some serious shots -editorial style, like in a magazine- and some fun shots. We'll also make you scream some Spanish traditional wedding words and we'll also ask you to put your hands up in the air.

One thing to note: we'll ask you to avoid those classic pictures where everyone is lined up next to each other. You can notice in the picture above that some people are sitting, some are standing up, but specially there's 2-3 rows of people. This allows us for a much more pleasant composition, so let's avoid to be lined up!

If you follow our advice the group shots shouldn't take more than 20 minutes or so.

The whole wedding group shot

¡Ah! One last thing: the whole wedding group shot. We like to take that shot during any moment of the wedding that you consider. It could also be during the party, just before we go. Yes, this shot will result in a huge photo of everyone and the faces won't be as visible, but... who cares? All your loved ones are on it!

THEEEEE PHOOOOOOTO SHOOOOOOOOOOT! Possibly your most feared moment, but our favorite one!

Believe it or not, this could be the moment of your day where you can finally chill a little bit. It might be the only moment where it's going to be basically about you two and we're sure you'll thank for that moment of pause and not needing to talk with so many people at the same time. Also it's the moment to celebrate that you two just got married!

Our suggestion is to leave room in your schedule for at least 20-30 minutes of photo shoot. Yes, it can be done in less time if you want to, but we want you to have a moment for you two and also get you all warmed up and relaxed.

Note: if you don't want to do the photo shoot is totally fine. As we said at the beginning of this guide, it's your wedding and you should do whatever you want. But we totally suggest you to do the photo shoot. Our experience says that these are the photos that get used the most. Be that social media, printing small or copies or even huge ones to hang them all so majestic in your favorite spot at home.

What's the best time do it?

Traditionally the photo shoot takes place after the ceremony, during the cocktail, although depending on the time and the time of year, it may not be the best option.
Ideally we should do it when the sun is about to set or when it has already set. The light will be much more flattering, warmer and better shaped. The shadows and highlights won't be as harsh and will make the portrait much more aesthetic and pleasant.

This means that the ideal time may be 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. if the wedding takes place during summer; and if it is in winter around 5:00 p.m.

If you rather do it right after the ceremony that's no problem, but trust us: if you want them to be 'OMG!' photos the best time is the one we suggest.

Another option is to take some photos after the ceremony, and take an extra 5-10 minutes at the ideal time to take advantage of the soft, warm and beautiful light of the Mediterranean sunset.

Regarding the 'Oh, we're so uncomfortable in front of a camera': don't worry.

First of all: don't worry, that unpleasant feeling is temporary. And our job is to make you feel good in front of the camera. That being said: yes, it might be a little uncomfortable the first 2-5 minutes, but trust us, that feeling will go away. Also, yeah, almost every couple we have photographed mention they are not comfortable in front of a camera. Also (again), yeah, every couple we have photographed are COMPLETELY in love with the result.

Trust us, we'll make you look like rock stars posing for the best magazines.

Our best advice for posing during the photo shoot is to not hold anything back. We want you to be comfortable, and we want you to act like you're comfortable to in front of the camera. We are not there to judge anything or anyone, in fact we'll encourage you to go a step further every time. We want you to touch each other, to kiss each other, to look at each other, to caress each other and to feel each other. We want all that love that grew during all the time you have been together to be shown in the pictures.

Closer, we want you to be always closer to each other. We want you to feel each others breath (avoid garlic haha!). The best thing you can do (and the best advice we can give you two) is to get closer to each other.

The importance of the hands

When it's time to pose, aside of the facial expression, what's hardest to control are the hands, which are critical and really make the difference between an OK photo and a Vogue cover photo. It's really important to know how to use them.
There's no need to worry too much on this subject though, just bear their importance in mind. Somethings you can do with them are:

  1. Caress each other
  2. Touch your hair (or the other's hair)
  3. Put them in a pocket
  4. Button/unbutton something
  5. Put the dress up acting like you were putting it into the correct place

But again, don't worry! This moment will be faster than you think and it will totally worth it! We can guarantee you that the photo shoot pictures will be your favorite ones.

wedding at Casona de Cubas

Your most expected moment, but basically because you haven't eaten anything at all during your day and you're close to faint of hunger (us too, by the way. At this point of the day we have been working for 5-6 hours without having a bite yet, so we're quite hungry too haha). So there, let's eat!

But first you might chose to do an entrance. Put some really upbeat song that pumps your blood so fast and get in! We want an epic entrance with many napkins waving and swirling in the air and some Michael Jackson moves with a BIG smile in both your faces!

Big moment here! Not only wedding-wise but also photography-wise. For you two, and for your people too! That's the closing event but the one that lasts the longer. Colorful lights, very loud upbeat music, and let's get louddd, let's get looooooooooud 🎶.

During the party we normally have lots of multiple shaped lights, flashes, movement, music, fun, energy, dancing and sometimes even sparkles or fireworks. Also drinks which will help disinhibit, hehe.

We want to keep it up in this part of the wedding, as much as we expect you and your beautiful people to do too. So there's not much suggestions we can give you during the party, but to encourage you to dance and enjoy A LOT. We'll dance too, by the way, but holding the camera in our hands too and keeping an eye on those banned moves that we want you all to show.

Pick your most loved bands and music styles and dance the night away! Pop songs are great. They are popular for a reason and people love to dance the songs they know and love! But again: it's your wedding, you should do whatever you want to.

As a suggestion, this is a great moment to put a neon led sign with a fun word/sentence or something that you like and use it as a photocall.

It's also a great moment to do some fun activities, like... A tattoo area! Yes, you can do this, in fact we have lived it and it was freakingly amazing. People loved it and many of them got tattooed. Many more than you could imagine!