Visiting Manresa

Truth be told it's been quite a while since we visited Manresa. In fact Carla had pink hair, so it must be a year and a half at least. We started writing this post and that was it. We never finished it.
Actually in that time we didn't have in mind to use our blog the way we do now so that can be the reason. Apparantely the seed idea was there all the time, it only took us time to do it.

To be honest there's a reason why we didn't published this post earlier. For implausible circumstances (which fortunately are left behind by now) we don't have the best memories from Manresa.

At the time it meant a family visit and discovering a new place we never been. We actually like the pictures and they were already in order an ready to be published, just waiting to write something and show you guys this trip. So, since everything is now behind us, and the fact that we are confined at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic which is unfortunately hitting the whole world right now and also David doesn't like to have our website administration panel with a "draft" label in this post all the time and deleting it will be sad since we like the pictures here it comes.

Everything is great now, so we can use these pictures as a reminder of everything that was good there, and not the bad things. Afterall we can chose the meaning of everything, right?

So there you go, our trip to Manresa from a year and a half ago in a few pictures :)

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