Your wedding is coming, you have the date already established and Javea is the Spanish place where such a magical day is going to be celebrated. As you may know Javea has one of the most varied landscapes in the Mediterranean cost, with valleys, cliffs, mountains and sea, and in a gorgeous place like this is were your wedding is going to take place. Its amazing weather and great food will sure have a role there too. Now you need to find some wedding photographers in Javea who can take the most out of that beautiful town but also, and more important, your amazing wedding.

Wedding photographers in Javea (Spain)

Wedding photographers in Javea

You probably don’t know who we are, so to make it easy we are a couple of wedding photographers (David and Carla) who are established in Valencia (Spain) and who make their job around the world and yes, Javea is one of these places :)

Weddings in Javea are amazing. As we described in the first paragraph the town is one of the most varied places in Spain. Find wedding photographers in Javea could not be easy as it might be far away from you and you don’t have the chance to meet them in person, or they don’t speak english so it’s difficult to understand them.
First of all let us introduce our wedding photography philosophy, which goes along with our life philosophy. It sums up in this four points:


No uncomfortable pictures with forced smiles. It will all be genuine. The pictures will look better, you will be more comfortable and the only thing thing you will have to care of is to enjoy your amazing wedding


Like Javea’s sea and mountains. Considering you’re not posing you won’t notice the camera and the picture will show you exactly as you were living your wedding, that means: great!


Your wedding is just amazing, your people is nearby, you’re in a beautiful sunny country and you’re all having such a good time. That’s what is going to be shown in your pictures because that’s what you’re living.


You won’t see us taking pictures of you and that means that it will show realness. You’ll be where you are both required: enjoying your wedding day at a 100% and be with your people!

As you can see naturalness and spontaneity are very important for us, because that’s how we face life: not forcing anything and letting everything flow. But, since we are wedding photographers, what is better than show you some examples? Below you can see our last three weddings, and in our galleries you can find more pictures.
Hope you like them and if there are some questions, or you just want to write us and tell us more about your special day, just contact us! We want to be your Javea wedding photographers :)


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