Our FAQ, which is not the same as f**k!
Here you have our frequently asked questions that you pretty people normally ask. Is not that we don't like to say the same things over and over, but just in case you're ashamed to ask, or maybe you want to know what is normally asked.

Here we go:

Does David like gasoline?



Dale más gasoliiiiiiinaaaaaa.
Oh come on, it's a good one! Although you have to like Daddy Yankee or at least know the reference.
Lets take things serious, please...

Boda en Mas de Lucía

Let’s start with the mother of all questions: what’s your rate?


To be honest it depends very much on the services you hire.
Anyway, the photography whole day coverage (since you both start getting ready until the evening/night 'perreo' -party-) rate is 1.595€ (21% VAT included) covered by two photographers. Anyhow, write us and tell us what kind of crazy day you have in mind so we can give you a tailor-made rate

We don’t know if we should do our wedding in the morning or evening


And give us jaleo-ole-ole-olá.
Much better in the evening. Evening's light is much more flattering since the sun is not as high we can avoid hard shadows and strong contrast areas.

Where are you from? Do you work abroad?


We are from Valencia (the land of flowers, light and love) and of course! We love to travel and we can go wherever you want us to go. It doesn't matter if it's for your wedding, for a couples session or whatever, we would walk a 500 miles and 500 more just to be the photographers that walks a thousand miles to photograph you at your door.

How far in advance should we hire you?


As soon as possible! We only do 20 weddings per year, so to be sure that your date is available contact us as soon as possible.

What do you expect from us? We expect you to be yourselves and to let go. It has no mystery, and it's much easier than you'd think

Are we following the protocol?


Please, no protocols. Really, zero, none, nothing, nada, rien. Nobody cares if you're on the left and the other on the right or if the bouquet should be grabbed with your left or right hand. Life at natural, improvised, is much much pretty. Why shouldn't this rule apply in one of your best days in your life as a couple?
We can guarantee what your people -and specially us, since pictures will be much more powerful- really cares for is that you cry in tears with a snot hanging out your nose, laugh until you can't breathe, jump until your dress rips. What everyone really cares is for you to ENJOY. It's your wedding, LIVE IT. Nobody has to tell you how to enjoy your day but yourselves. We want to see you have so much energy that if you were a video-game character you'd have unlimited lives.

Will you be with us the whole day?


Oh yeah! Since you're both getting ready until one hour of party. Aaaaaaaalllll daaaaaaay looooong.

How many pictures we’ll receive? Will they be edited?


A lot. Really, like A LOT. It's hard to put a number on it because it depends on every wedding, but we never heard a complain about the amount of pictures delivered. If you want an estimate number: you'll receive at least 800-900 pictures for a full day wedding. All of them edited one by one (adjusting exposure, color, white balance, high lights, shadows, color uniformity...), in high resolution JPG with no watermarks. We don't do Photoshop retouches, we like reality as it is.

If you want to you can ask us for a whole wedding private gallery link, so you can take a look at a whole wedding and not a sum up like our galleries are.

How long until we receive the pictures?


You'll get some pictures of you two in your wedding day in less than 7 days. We know you need to see how awesome your wedding was, how beautiful you look, and also stuff for Instagram. The rest of the photographic report will be available in less than 8 weeks.

Will we do a mini-shoot some time on the wedding day?


Does the sun rise in the morning? Is it summer in Spain hot? Does Carla sleep a lot? Yes. Why? Because everybody says so. Sigh... Of course we will! Beautiful as you both are, beautiful as everything looks, and beautiful as the day is, we must take some pictures, right?!
Don't worry, it will be like 20/30 minutes, we know you want to have fun and be with your people.

Do you take group shots?


Yessss! You haven't seen any because they are more personal pictures and not as artistic so we don't show many of them, but yes, you'll get group shots. In fact we are kinda getting used to take big group shots before we leave

Aside of weddings, do you do anything else?


Oui. David is also a portrait and commercial photographer. Among many others he has portrayed the Spanish journalist Jordi Évole, IZAL's lead singer Mikel Izal, Valencia's Mayor Joan Ribó, the adult films actor Nacho Vidal or the well known Pedro Cavadas a.k.a. Dr. Miracle. He has also been photographing the whole Valencian Community for 8 months.
Carla is also a tattoo artist and a illustrator (her tatoo work can be seen at @grisaceos.ink), having exhibited her work many times around Spain. She has been assigned to illustrate the Atomic Art 2019 festival poster. The tattoo thing started in 2021 and she's already freaking good. Her tattoo studio is in Valencia. In case you want to have something in your skin forever you can count with her needles and ink.