«It's odd how much we can talk about ourselves here, when in fact this is really about YOU and your desire to celebrate something unique, without tricks, without following protocols, without posing, without anyone telling you what to do in a day that truly belongs to you, because you will do everything wonderfully beautiful if you do it your way»
Anyway you're here and you still want to know a bit more about us, so here you go:

It was 2015, we were both studying Art Photography at the School of Higher Art and Design (EASD) in Valencia. It was David's first year and Carla's second. David had noticed a tall girl with Japanese-like eyes. He used to see her in the halls of the school but there was never a thread from which to pull and start a conversation ... Until the last week of classes –in which Carla would finish her studies and we would not see each other again– a very dear teacher of ours gave David the perfect excuse to start talking: a picture of her that he had taken that week. Yes, a photo is what united us. From that photo, David knew that the name of who was till now the "tall girl with Japanese-like eyes" is Carla and the photo was the excuse to finally start talking. At two weeks the first kiss came, at two months we started living together, and in 2016 we photographed the first wedding together.

After a while calling us ‘Daicar Estudio’ we felt we needed a name that would represent us more. To talk about us, about our past, where we are and what we like.

As you do not know, we also tell you: David is from Altea and Carla studied there the degree in Fine Arts. Besides, we lived 20 meters from each other, literally the building across the road, although it is not there where we met.

Truth is that Altea was the "trigger" since in a talk by a photographer they attended David asked about two of his photos taken in his town and Carla was surprised that he knew it. Just as true is the love we have for that Mediterranean town of the Costa Blanca, with its typical streets, the sea next to it, the white walls, the dome of the Mediterranean, the fame of the artistic town that it has always had, having grown up there, the coffee shops at dawn having a cup of coffee in front of the beach, with the lights that Sorolla represents so well appearing in front of us, with the noise of the sea…Well, we are d'Althea. That way, with interspersed h, because we are that Mediterranean.

And our photography is also from there: it is a way of photographing weddings as pretty as this beautiful town; naturally, without the need to follow a specific protocol, without posing, just getting carried away by the joy of the Mediterranean that distinguishes us. Enjoying a unique and special day, without the need to fill it with artifices because you are already wonderful in your essence. We only want you to be yourselves and enjoy your people, your moments and your party. That you cry, jump, shout, kiss, hug, drink, eat, laugh, dance and as many actions and reactions as you can think of. We will make it indelible in time, as are our memories –and those that are yet to come– in the streets of Althea.

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10 things about David

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