Elopement in Valencia

For those who don’t know the expression, to elope means to ‘run away and to not come back to the point of origin’. In wedding terms means to celebrate their wedding day in a intimate and private way, with no guests, only the couple, the officiant and the photographer showing that there’s nothing else needed to celebrate a wedding than love each other. And that’s how Leire and Guillermo wanted to do it: an elopement in Valencia (Spain).
Since the beginning they wanted to live their day by themselves, there will be an occasion to celebrate it with family and friends, but this day was for them. That’s why we spent the whole day along with them, since they woke up until the sun was setting. We captured them getting ready and help each other with everything. If you don’t share with your partner such a special day who would you do it with?
Their officiant was their tattooist, who did their rings tattoo, something we found extremely original and different. They shared they vows in their home’s roof and then decided to do their banquet in the woods, since they love nature.
Without a doubt was the most intimate wedding that we did and we really appreciate to be the ones who they shared the day with. Our best wishes to this lovely couple and hope you enjoy this elopement in Valencia!


Photography: David and Carla (@wearedalthea)
Design and decoration: Clara Saturnino (@claritaconlimon)
Make up artist and hair dresser: Laura Martínez
Flower decoration: Boheme Sensations (@bohemesensations)
Tattooist: Hector Mas (@hectormaz)
Neon led lights: Lights and Wires (@lightsandwires)
Location: Adela Berga (@adebg)
Bride: Leire Criado (@leirelrl)
Groom: Guillermo Rogla (@will100492)
Bride’s dress: Shein