Casablanca can be seen from a Valencia’s rooftop

There’s a Spanish song that goes something like ‘from Madrid’s benches the sea cannot be seen’ but what it doesn’t say is that Casablanca can be seen from a Valencia’s rooftop. Or at least part of it, because from something as simple as a rooftop, Moroccan tea, Moroccan candies in a summer night this amazing gallery comes out. But the real light comes from Marina and Simo, who are the real stars in such a typical place as a building highest spot.

As the expression goes, ‘home is where the heart is’. Wherever you are feels more like home if your people are close. Just like this rooftop with sentimental views to Casablanca represents.

For Simo and Marina, even though there are many miles from a place to another, both Valencia and Casablanca are ‘home’.