Elopement in Costa Blanca

Elopement in Costa Blanca

It was a hot afternoon in September to celebrate an Elopement in Costa Blanca, as hot as any other summer afternoon in Spain, but something different was going to happen...

Weddings are commonly a big celebration with many people gathering around a couple while a series of events happen one after the other. This kind of weddings are the most common, and as you can usually hear 'everything happens so fast you barely notice'. But even though those kinds of weddings are full of people and full of joy there are some couples that would rather enjoy their day in a more intimate way. Be one type of wedding or the other, the idea remains the same: celebrate the love between two people. That's what Nila and Victor were after when they decided to celebrate their elopement in Costa Blanca (or... well, not really Costa Blanca, but close).

As much as Christmas is all about Christmas spirit, get together with your family -with more or less members, but still family- and not about the gifts, a wedding is not about the kind of wedding (intimate or multitudinous), what matters is to celebrate love.

As we were saying, Nila and Victor chose an intimate celebration. An elopement. That kind of wedding is getting quite common now a days, since that new concept completely changes the idea of a wedding: there's no need to spend a year organizing the whole event, there's no need to worry whom you should invite and who you don't, there's no need to find the perfect venue that could host all your guests. You just need to pick a place that you love (like the Costa Blanca, for example) and pick the day that you would want to celebrate your elopement.

As you could realize with Nila and Victor's pictures the day's rhythm is completely different. They get ready in the same room and they do it together, helping each other get dressed, they write their vows before the ceremony, we take some pictures before hand and then they celebrate their ceremony. They say their vows out loud and both say 'I do'. Some snacks, some more pictures, some dinner and then dancing in the moonlight while listening to their favourite songs. Is just the two of them and the dance floor.

No pressure, no tension, no expectations. Just celebrating their love. Like any other wedding.