Proposal in Valencia while sailing

Nicole said yessssss! And thank god she did, otherwise it would have been some awkward time in a boat haha. But Brock knew she would say yes, because he also knew that no one would say no if there's a proposal in Valencia while sailing the Mediterranean sea. And now our favourite Chicago (USA) couple are organizing their wedding!

But first things first: Brock wrote us some weeks in advance. They were travelling around Spain and he wanted to ask Nicole to marry him. His initial idea involved a sunset sailing trip around Valencia's bay, but the captain said the sea might not be as good in the afternoon and suggested doing it in the morning. The light is not the best, it was actually quite hot considering the proposal took place in August, but the idea was still amazing. So off we went. We pretended to be part of the boat staff and we made up the excuse saying that their sailing package included some pictures while sailing. Success! Nicole had no idea what was about to happen. Some pictures before leaving the harbour, and everything seemed to be an innocent day in the sea with nothing else special than that. Don't get us wrong, sailing the Mediterranean sea is always special, but you know what we mean. Nicole didn't know that day would be marked for ever.

Brock told us that he would do a sign to us when he was about to propose. To be honest we thought it would take him a bit longer to do it, but around 20 minutes after leaving the harbour he did the sign. We were more nervous than him, actually. He got on one knee and... Nicole started to understand what was going on. It's pointless to describe her reaction because the pictures are there, but obviously it was freaking amazing and emotional. Way to go, Brock!

And now that they are engaged... Let's enjoy the Mediterranean sea. Brock, ecstatic as he was now that she said yes, jumped from the boat to the sea many times. Also Nicole, facing her fear to swim in the ocean. Way to go Nicole too!

Then champagne. Lots of champagne. Four or five bottles actually hahaha. But also some snacks, music, pictures, joy and enjoying the Mediterranean sea. Which is the best thing you can do after a successful proposal in Valencia's sea. Everything was smooth as sailing the sea... (Please don't judge us, that pun was screaming to be written). Brock and Nicole are getting married!

But there's more. We really enjoyed spending the morning with them and taking them pictures after their proposal, so since they were staying in Valencia for another day we planned to meet them again on the afternoon and grab some drinks so we can hear more about them, Chicago and the United States in general, and they heard more about us, Valencia and Spain in general. We loved to spend the afternoon with them now that they are husband and wife to be. And apparently they loved to spend the afternoon with us too, because there's still more...

In the about us section of our website we have mentioned that Carla is also a tattoo artist, which was also mentioned in our conversation that afternoon with Brock and Nicole. Since they still had another day in Valencia before flying back to USA you can imagine what happened the next morning. Such a special day for them has to be marked in your skin forever, and of course that's what happened. The August 9th, 2022 was tattooed in both their arms by Carla 😎

We just noticed that we have been writing too much already, and we know that what you're really interested in is in their proposal in Valencia's while sailing the Mediterranean sea pictures. So here you go, enjoy them!