Wedding at Casona de Cubas

We're starting strong today. Not only because the wonderful day we lived going along with Elena and Miguel, no. Not because of how nice everyone was to us, nor because of how beautiful everything was in this wedding at Casona de Cubas (Madrid), or the love and energy that flew around these two. We're starting strong today because Elena and Miguel emit love everywhere they walk to.

This was our first wedding in Madrid. And even though we have two more weddings in Madrid this year, this one (Elena and Miguel's) will be remembered with so much love.

Beyond what we just said, we'll also remember deeply how big Miguel's mom smile was during the whole day. It was contagious and made us enjoy even more this wedding at Casona de Cubas along with Elena and Miguel.

But before continuing we're going to tell you about this couple's story: Belén, a Elena's friend since she was a kid, met Miguel at the university and became very close friends. One Sunday, out of the sudden, she went to Elena's place with Miguel and another friend. Nothing happened that day more than a sudden introduction between them two. It wasn't like it always happens in the movies. What it did happen a year and a half later, when they saw each other again in their town festivities, was that Miguel stayed with Elena all night long just talking with her. Nothing happened that day either. But then a week later Elena answered a tweet from Miguel (which she would find out later that it was written by Miguel with the intention that she'd reply back) and kept a long public conversation on Twitter. Belen (Elena's friend, and now also Miguel's friend) tweeted that night with the hashtag "#alcahuetear" (we can't translate it since we don't even know what it means in Spanish hahaha) since she was paying attention to their conversation. Remember it was a public conversation on Twitter. And from there, to their wedding at Casona de Cubas is just a few steps forward. Well, maybe LOTS of steps forward, but they are here today, aren't they? :D

Their pictures are the living proof of how much they love each other. What an AMAZING day!

By the way: they confessed to us that they were terrified about the photo-shoot that we did with them after the ceremony. They said they were extremely nervous about that moment and they also told us that they were even practising what to do. YEAH RIGHT! HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PICTURES? THEY ARE AMAZING! They were one of the longest after-ceremony photo-shoot we have ever done. And they look amazing. Don't trust us? Check them, they are pure raw love.

Venue: Casona de Cubas
Catering: Casseroles Catering
Flowers: Se casa mi prima
Hair dresser: Paula Guzmán
Make up artist: Carolina Ruiz
Bride's dress: White One Collection
Groom's suit: Stratford Royal Taylor
DJ/lighting: Dosaune
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea