Wedding at Claustros de Ayllon

It's been a while since we updated our website, but it was impossible to us until now. What a year 2023! We haven't had the chance to stop for even one day. Since we have many weddings we want to share with you all let's start with the one that was the farthest away from our home. We're talking about Adrián and Marta's wedding at Claustros de Ayllon, which made us travel 1200kms round trip from home but it was totally worth it!

We met Adrián and Marta at Carla's tattoo studio last Christmas. Even though they are from Madrid they spent some days in Valencia so they took the most out of their trip to visit us too. To be honest we talked a lot and for a long time. It was a 2 hours conversation or so, but the important topic was their wedding. Which, by the way, you might not know him but a famous and very loved Spanish pop singer named David Bisbal celebrated his wedding at Claustros de Ayllon too!

Let's get back to Adrián and Marta: their wedding was amazing, their people too, and the venue was crazy beautiful. They both have a magical energy. Their ceremony must have been one of the longest we have ever lived. So many people mentioned beautiful things about these two and how they are so meant for each other. As a matter of fact they have been together since middle school basically. According to Adrián it was love at first sight, even though Marta disagrees with. She used to go to the gym with her friends to practice their prom dance and Adrián was a parkour/rapper performer with bad attitude (until he met her, of course). They say it was like a Hollywood movie.
Truth be told, Adrián did some break dance moves on the dance floor while Eminem's '8 miles' song was playing and we can say he's pretty good!

Yes, we mentioned the Spanish pop singer who celebrated his wedding at Claustros de Ayllon and now Adrián is dancing to Eminem's 8 miles song? Well, is not David Bisbal turn anymore. Is now Marta and Adrián's wedding. And their loved ones. With their music.

Here are some beautiful pictures filled with loved. Hope you love them!

Venue: Claustros de Ayllón
Catering: La Table Catering
Florist: Sergio Yerón
Hair dresser: Fátima Cabañas
Make up artist: Fátima Cabañas
Bride's dress: Rosa Clara
Bride's shoes: Resan
Groom's suit: Sagaz
Groom's shoes: Alexander Bennett
DJ: Tres 40
Live music: Carmen Lillo y Dan
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea