Wedding at Mas de Alzedo (Valencia)

boda en Mas de Alzedo

We wanted to start this post by saying ‘do you remember Dani and Arantxa and their amazing vibe in their intimate photo shoot at the Garbí mountain?’ but then we realized we haven’t upload it yet, so… It won’t be long until we do it, but in the meantime it won’t be a problem because we can still start this post by saying ‘they are Dani and Arantxa and this is the amazing vibe of their wedding at Mas de Alzedo‘ and it’s still a great start too, you know? Which it’s also true, because WHAT A WEDDING and WHAT A COUPLE!

We met them in November, 2019. Just before the f**king pandemic. Their wedding, in fact, was supposed to be in the early 2021 but… Hey, you can imagine what happened. It wasn’t only a “ship” (you know the word we want to say, but we are trying to act like we are family friendly, so…) for them, obviously, but it was a “ship” for us too because you can totally feel their vibe and their flow, which is the kind of emotions we love to photograph, but also because we were looking forward for a wedding at Mas de Alzedo.

Well, the day was finally here. But before we jump dive into their photos let us tell you about them and how they met each other: it was online. Big surprise! No one uses the Internet now a days… Just kidding, some people uses Internet now, I’m sure you know it hehe… Well, they met using two different dating apps in two different moments in time. The first one was using OKCupid, where Arantxa totally ghosted Dani (sorry Dani, but as you may already know it turned out amazingly well anyway). However, years later, they matched again using another app called ‘POF’ where this time Dani’s charm and amazing dance moves kicked in. They met in a Valencia’s train station “Estación del Norte” cafeteria so they could see each other in real life for the first time. It was supposed to be a quick coffee, but it ended up being a looong one. In fact it lasted until closing time making that first encounter last forever. And no, you dirty little things, we’re not talking about sex. Man, you can’t say anything without thinking it’s a reference to sex nowadays…

Now, as their next step in their couple history, being this one significantly significant, here is their wedding at Mas de Alzedo, and as we were saying in our first words of this post: you can totally feel their VIBE!

Venue: Mas d’Alzedo
Catering: Cocotte catering
Flowers: Floristería Sayas
Make-up and hairdressing: VLC estilistas
Bride’s dress: Nicole Milano
Groom’s suit: Vertize gala
Brides earrings: Victoria Cruz
Lighting and DJ: Infinito eventos
Master of ceremonies: Meraki plan
Photography: d’Althea -come on, it’s us!-
Video: d’Althea -yes, yes, us again-