Wedding at Masía Campo Aníbal

Man, we couldn't wait to upload this wedding at Masía Campo Aníbal (Valencia). But didn't have time to do it as fast as we wanted, this year has been completely crazy for us, and this wedding is a confirmation.

Lucía and Miguel's energy is out of this world. We couldn't met them until their wedding day so we weren't sure what was about to happen at their celebration. They gave us some little details here and there so we had a bare idea, but the reality was much better than what we could imagine.

We began with Miguel, at his hotel room, which was filled with his family and a lot of kids running around from side to side, which made it very funny (and challenging) to photograph. From there we moved to Lucía's place which was completely the opposite since it was just us and Nuria, her make up artist, who did a great job. So great that Lucía throw herself into her arms!

Once they were both ready we went to the "Real Monasterio de Santa María de El Puig" (man that's a long name hahaha). For those who don't know it: it's the huge church that is placed in the middle of the El Puig (Valencia). And then we headed to the real party! Straight to this wedding at Masía Campo Aníbal!

This is where the energy we were talking about at the beginning of this post really showed up. Just take a look at the images! There's no picture where neither Lucía, Miguel, or any of the guests stays still. Specially during the party time with the band playing live music, the sun set and the real rhythm of the night (well, the afternoon actually, but the 'This is the rhythm of the night' song comes to mind and we can't avoid making a reference haha)

And of course, the beautiful Masía Campo Aníbal. We loved the patio where the party was held: surrounded by nature but still a historical building. And all this at sunset. This wedding at Masía Campo Aníbal was magical!

Venue: Masía Campo Aníbal
Catering: Masía Campo Aníbal
Flowers: La Tartana
Make up: Nuria Jiménez
Bride's dress: Tousette
Lighting and music: Gente de Bien
Photography: d'Althea