Wedding at a private villa in Moraira

It's quite common to celebrate weddings in specific venues that are focused in weddings. Our wedding galleries are a proof of this. However there's a new trend in town (well, actually in the Costa Blanca, but hey... We needed to say it). Couples are looking to celebrate their day in a more private, personal and intimate place and that's what José Miguel and Tatiana wanted too, hence their wedding at a private villa in Moraira.

They both knew they wanted something that represented them as much as possible, so when they had the opportunity to celebrate their wedding at a private villa in Moraira they knew that was their best option.

The ceremony took place at Moraira's Castle, which you may know as the castle that is in front of the Mediterranean sea. What was funny about their ceremony is that there was a fun run that day, so it was really funny to see the contrast between the wedding guests and the runners.

Then we moved to the private villa, which you might think it's really close (since they are both in Moraira) but it actually wasn't that close. The villa was some kms away from the castle, so we had to move in a car since we all needed to save some energy: the day is going to be long. Until dawn, actually! Yes, they hired us to cover their wedding for almost 24 hours hahaha. It was worth it, though. But more on that in a second.

You might have heard, and might have lived, about the summer nights. Yes, John Travolta and Olivia Newton sang about them in the movie Grease. But the summer sun sets, nights, early mornings and dawns are amazing. In our humble opinion, they are quite the best thing in life. Something that makes everything unforgettable. And if José Miguel and Tatiana's wedding took place in summer... Well, most unforgettable day ever!

Once we get to the villa we took them some pictures getting the most out of the beautiful low light. Then they started with the banquet right in front of the Mediterranean Sea (what a views!). Then, of course, the party. It lasted till dawn! And yet again, right in front of the freaking Mediterranean Sea. Then... Dawn. And yes, you guessed it right, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING MEDITERRANEAN SEA! Sorry to yell, but it's just the freaking Mediterranean Sea. At dawn. In their wedding. Partying. Surrounded by their beloved ones. In their amazing wedding at a private villa in Moraira in summer. Is there something better?

Venue: private villa in Moraira (Alicante)
Catering: D'Capricho catering
Flowers: Hedra
Bride dress: Sedka Novias
Groom's suit: Hugo Boss
Lighting/DJ: Sona Music
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea