Wedding at Huerto San Rafael (Valencia)

This wedding at Huerto San Rafael is really special for us. We met Elia and Carlos in 2018 at Blanca y Alberto's wedding, which we photographed too. David was using for the first time a new strap to carry his camera and two wedding guests did at him the cowboy gesture (bang bang!). One of them was Carlos. David, obviously, responded with the same gesture back and from that moment there was more complicity between us and we were always looking for them (which we called them in a friendly way 'mesa cuatrooooooo' -table foooourr- which was not only composed by Elia and Carlos, but 8 people more, each one as nice and friendly as the last one. Lidia and Joan were sitting in that table too, whom we'll have also photograph in their wedding very soon). You could tell that they all wanted to have fun. When we said goodbye to Blanca and Alberto we reached the table four to say goodbye to them too and Elia shouted: 'we'll talk!'.

Fast forward 5 years. We're in the year 2023 and that 'we'll talk!' has evolved to us being their wedding photographers. Those 5 years that had passed since Blanca and Alberto's wedding seemed nothing: the former table four group was still as joyful and fun as 5 years earlier, they had the same energy, but this time was Elia and Carlos' turn to get married. And what a turn! Because their wedding at Huerto San Rafael was amazing.

Is not that both Elia and Carlos were gorgeous, is not that we had to see Blanca and Alberto again (this time they were wedding guests), or the fact that we got to see Lidia and Joan before their wedding day, or the venue that was fantastic. But Elia and Carlos' people were also amazing and filled with energy

Their wedding guests were the cherry on top: from lifting the table, turning it and sitting down in the next chair (it's hard to explain with words, but it was a wedding hit haha), lift the groom and the bride up in the air, the speeches, modify popular songs including Elia and Carlos in the lyrics, and... the crucifixion. Oh God, the crucifixion. What a moment. But not as much as when IZAL's "La mujer de verde" song started to play. We love that song, and apparently they love that song too. It was amazing how much they all sang that song!

So, to sum up, we loved Elia and Carlos' wedding at Huerto San Rafael. And here's the proof: a lot of pictures!

Venue: Huerto de San Rafael
Catering service: Grupo Àncora
Florist: Flores La tartana
Hair dresser: Jaime Lozano Perruquers
Make up artist: Cristina Crespo
Bride's dress: Alex Vidal Atelier
Groom's suit: Bon Vivant
DJ: Cenval music
Photography: d'Althea
Video: d'Althea