Getting married in Spain is a great idea. Every year more couples decide to travel around the world and get married in a foreign country. Spain weddings are a very popular option because of the amazing weather it has (one of the best in Europe), but also it’s huge gastronomy variety with the Mediterranean food or the beaches, mountains and the lovely people.
Being wedding photographers in Spain we love to give advice and recommend locations for getting married in Spain.

If you are considering to say ‘I do’ in our beautiful country, please keep reading. In the following lines we are explaining the procedures to get married here but also some ideas of wedding locations in Spain.

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Getting married in Spain

First of all, if you’re thinking about celebrating your wedding in Spain you should know what is the procedure for non-residents. This can be quite bureaucratic and the following steps are just for getting started and have a sense of what it is. It varies from the region you live or even from the place you want to get married into. The best thing to do is to ask a specialized lawyer and read the Spanish Ministry of Justice website, where you can also find very useful information.

Procedures for getting married in Spain for non-residents

  • Original and a photocopy of your ID, passport or residency permit.
  • Born certificate (you can get it from your home town Civil Registry).
  • Registration of residency in a town where it shows the place you have lived for the last two years (you can get it from the City Hall).
  • Embassy certificate confirming your inscription and your marital status. You may need to be informed if you’re also required for a marriage ability certificate.

All the non-resident documents must be in Spanish and legalized by the appropriate authorities (Security Stamp or Apostille Convention) accompanied by a valid passport and a photocopy. The papers translation must be done by a Diplomatic organization or a sworn interpreter. If any of the applicants doesn’t speak Spanish they must come accompanied by a translator.

In case the place of residence is outside of Spain, the applicants must provide with a consul issued certification where such circumstance it’s indicated.

If any of the applicants has born or has acquired the German, Austrian, Belgium, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Switzerland, Turkish, Moldavian or Luxembourg nationality they must provide, according to the 20th agreement of Vienna, a Marriage Certificate and Unmarried State Certificate.

This is very generic information and may change from one country to another. To get exact information you should ask in your City Hall or the Civil Registry.

Spanish weather

Once all the paperwork is done there is more information and reasons for why getting married in Spain that you should know. For example: the Spanish weather.
Spain has quite a diversity of weather so the temperatures depend on the region or month that your wedding is going to take place.
The north coast of Spain is wet and temperate, while the center are extreme: maybe to cold or maybe to hot. Lastly, the Mediterranean coast has nice and warm temperatures.
January is the most cold month of the year (depending on the place it should vary from 0º to 15º), while August is the most hot (varying from 20/25º of the north to almost 50º in Andalusia).
The temperatures increase from north to south, being north (Cantabria, Galicia, Vasque Country and north of Catalonia) the coldest ones and south (Valencia, Alicante, Andalusia, Murcia…) the hottest.

Generally speaking Spain is one of the most warm places of Europe where we enjoy of more than 3.000 hours of sun per year.

Transportation in Spain

Spain has many airport connections, so traveling here it’s very easy, as much as getting to the different places of the peninsula. Spain is the third European Union country for aerial travelers and it’s three major airports are among the top 20 European Airports, which are Madrid-Barajas in the 6th position; Barcelona-El Prat the 10th and Palma de Mallorca with the 20th position.

Top 10 Spanish airports:

1. Madrid-Barajas.
2. Barcelona-El Prat.
3. Palma de Mallorca.
4. Málaga-Costa del Sol.
5. Gran Canaria.
6. Alicante-Elche.
7. Tenerife Sur.
8. Ibiza.
9. Lanzarote.
10. Valencia

Also, many cities have train stations, subway and bus stations, so connection between cities is very easy if you don’t want to rent a car. If you get married in Spain you as much as your guests will be able to visit the surrounding areas and know a bit more about the Spain corners.


Locations to get married in Spain


Now lets get started with our recommendations of places to get married in Spain. We have divided by areas since Spain has many different options so you can choose the scenario you like the most: beaches, nature, hotels, country houses… Lots of them! So here we go.

Getting married in the beach

If your dream is to say ‘I do’ right in front of the beach, walking barefooted in the sand and watching the sea getting married in the beach is what you’re looking for. Spain has many gorgeous beaches like the Mediterranean ones in Costa Blanca (Alicante), with the nicest weather and lots of sun the whole year.
This are some of our recommendations:

Altea, Alicante
Altea is one of our favorite places in the world so we had to start with this one by all means. This amazing town has many places to get married in the beach, for instance the Cap Negret Hotel or the L’Olleta restaurant. They both have amazing views of the Mediterranean sea.
Another nearby place is the Montíboli Hotel in Villajoyosa (20kms from Altea). This one also has views to the Mediterranean sea and gardens. This place offers you the possibility to celebrate your wedding with the sand under your feet, to be the closest to the sea as possible.

Jávea, Alicante
We are still in Alicante, but as we mentioned before, Costa Blanca beaches are one of the most beautiful in the country. For example Cala Clémence in Javea, which is a dreamy and exclusive place with amazing sea views.

Moving north a little bit, in Barcelona, there’s the B Takora Lounge Restaurant. A seafront restaurant in which you can enjoy the beautiful Maresme panorama. It’s a quite big restaurant with different spaces and a lookout.

And now we are really in the north of Spain. Cantabria, to be more specific, to the Campomar Hotel, a place near the La Arena beach, with beautiful views of the ‘Cabo de Ajo’, a perfect location to banquets or to host the cocktail before the banquet. You can also spend the night there!

South once again, to Málaga, a very hot city in summer but perfect for a wedding any time of the year. The location we’re recommending here is ‘La Terraza de Mangoa‘. It is a extraordinary location in the Torre de Mar beach, directly over the beach sand in an area with virgin beaches outside the city center.  An ideal place with an unique view.

Lastly, we’re coming back to our hometown, the Mediterranean. The Arrosseria L’Estibador, located in El Saler beach, in the Natural Park of Albufera, where you can celebrate your ceremony over its beach sand. Menu options include valencian traditional Paella. Yummy!


Getting married in Spain

Getting married in a garden (huertas)

Getting married in a country house doesn’t mean getting married in a dull building or a closed and monotone hall. There are country houses and restaurants placed in the middle of big ‘huertas’ (gardens) with wonderful views to celebrate there the ceremony and also outdoors banquets/cocktails. Some of our recommendations are:

If you want to get married in Madrid, Spain’s capital, La Huerta del Marqués is a beautiful place to do it. It’s an old country house built over the old Casa del Marqués de Pescara, inside the old town of Chinchón. The complex has two natural ponds, olive trees and is surrounded by gardens where you can celebrate your dreamed wedding.

In an area of Spain’s Vasque Country there’s a place called La Huerta Vieja, a restaurant surrounded by vineyards with views to the Sierra of Cantabria. It has many spaces so you’ll be able to celebrate your wedding outdoors, but also you can do the cocktail or banquet inside. That’s your call!

La Huerta del Coto its a Sevillian country house located in Morón de la Frontera. Stands out because of its XIX century romantic garden. Through a flanked orange trees there’s a patio and the biggest garden built more than two centuries ago. An spectacular scenario with different environments where all your guests will feel very welcomed in a once-in-a-lifetime day.

Valencia its a very rich city regarding country garden places. The ‘huertas valencianas’ its something very traditional here. That’s why we’re naming some of our favorites. They are all located in Picanya, which is 8km from Valencia city center. For example, Huerto de San Vicente located in the middle of nature, the Huerto de San Rafael with a wonderful garden, vintage furniture and lots of natural light coming from its windows, and lastly the Huerto Barral Boluda, built at the end of 1800, where valencian families decided to acquire lands to build country houses and plant orange trees.  It’s a tipical XVIII century building with amazing gardens.


Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in country houses

Country houses normally are a very rustic and old type of buildings: family houses that are isolated of everything else surrounded by big gardens where it was produced crops or livestock. They are like old farms. The oldest are built in unpolished stone. If you enjoy open-air, historical buildings and land locations and you want your wedding day to be private and close country houses are your best choice.

In Catalonia’s north is located the El Colell, a country house placed in a extraordinary environment between La Garrotxa and the Pla de l’Estany. An  idyllic space, natural and quiet, crowded by corners full of history. The perfect place for your special day.

The Alquería de Galim can be found in Valencia. A XIII century building which is in a quite and romantic place. The scenery of the Alquería de Galim is unique and incomparable, and everything is inspired in the Mediterranean culture.
20 minutes from the Alqueria de Galim is located the city of Chiva, where the Masía Aldamar is. This country house was built at lasts century beginning and it still keeps that style. It is quite traditional but full of contemporary details that make it a country house full of beauty.

There are some areas of Alicante that we want to name. The first one is Calpe, in the Mediterranean coast. In this town is located the Masía Venta La Chata nearby a quite leafy and dense gardens. The Masía Venta La Chata is a rustic country house from XIX century and styled from Ibiza with 1825 original decorations.
The second one is in Pego, the Casa Benigalip which is a country house placed in a natural environment quiet and unique. Completely restored, with an exclusive and modern design, respecting its historical roots.


Getting married in Spain

Casa Benigalip. Source:

Getting married in Spain

Casa Benigalip. Source:

Getting married in the wild

In this section there is a summary of the best locations with views to get married. Gardens, mountains, sea… Nature in its pure state. If you want to get away from the city and disconnect from the noise, lights and speed of it this places are perfect for your wedding.

In the Spanish north we have the Parador de Limpias. Its located in a XX century palace and its surrounded by a high ecological value natural environment because of the trees that can be found in its 50.000 square meters of gardens. An incredible spot complemented by its magnificent Palace that will add historical value to your wedding.

Balearic islands
Lets get out of the peninsula and get into the Balearic Islands, specifically into Deià, in Mallorca. Here is the Sa Pedrissa, a farmhouse located in an idyllic scenario that Serra de Tramuntana offers. In the middle of nature with one-of-a-kind views. The Mediterranean gastronomy and Baleares typical dishes will get the most of your wedding banquet.

Here you can find Serrat – Mariner Ambients, a farmhouse located in Camprodón where you can enjoy an excellent landscape and great gardens, but also perfectly kept and restored interiors for exclusive weddings. It’s a XVII and XVIII century farmhouse with Catalan architecture kept as it was. It has more than 12.000m2 between interior and exterior spaces.

At Spain’s south you can find Hacienda Aljaima, an authentic Andalusian farm. It combines the nature brightness with its fountains and gardens, but also its careful cared architecture authentic from the area.

In Catalonia you can find Heretat Sabartés, a modernist palace from half the XVIII century which has been restored to offer their clients a dreamy space for big weddings celebrations. It has some incredible gardens and fancy facilities, which are perfect to make your wedding something magical.

Last but not least, in Catalonia’s capital you can find two places that we’d like to mention. The first one is Can Bonastre Wine Resort, an exclusive place to celebrate your wedding. Beautiful gardens with dreamy corners dressed with light and colors at night. Its vegetation, the lake and its facilities charm make this establishment a perfect place for demanding couples.
The second one is Can Jonc By Btakora, located in the town of Atella. A 65.000m2 private ranch. A unique place between vineyards and pines, with sea views where you’ll feel the magic of this privileged region of the Maresme. Light, color, sun and breeze are bond with its gastronomy to excite your five senses.

Getting married in Spain

Can Jonc. Source:

Salón de bodas

Can Jonc. Source:

Getting married in a hotel

Hotels are our last group of recommendations for getting married in Spain. If you like the city and tall buildings we think getting married in a hotel it’s your best choice. Also you can stay in the same hotel so you won’t need to get transportation to one place to another, everything will be in the same place! Here are some hotels that we found to be great for a wedding:

Balearic islands
Getting married in Ibiza is just awesome. There you can find the Ibiza Gran Hotel, a 5 stars all luxury hotel which is 8 minutes away from Ibiza’s port, 4,8km away from the old town and 16km away from the City Center. It has this amazing views of the Dalt Vila and the Mediterranean sea with modern halls and big exteriors. Perfect to enjoy this beautiful island and its beaches.

From Barcelona we are going to recommend two places. The first one its in Sitges and is called Dolce Sitges, 5 stars luxury resort. Very modern, half-moon shaped which can be found in a hill with Mediterranean sea views.
The second one is located in Barcelona itself and it’s called H10 Marina Barcelona, a quite singular hotel, very close to Barcelona’s beaches. You can see the city skyline. Its interior decoration is just beautiful.

In the city of Madrid you can find the sophisticated 5 stars hotel Hesperia. Designed by the well known Pascua Ortega, this hotel it’s the to the max luxury hotel in the city. An exclusive space for a perfect celebration. A very fancy and contemporary facility, 1.8km away from the Museo Arqueológico Nacional and 3,4km away from the Prado and Palacio Real.

In Alicante you can find Pueblo Acantilado Suites, a hotel built following the Mediterranean towns style. Its facilities are painted in a colorful palette and you can spot the sea from its windows. You can celebrate your wedding in their Romanian amphitheatre. It’s your call and very Mediterranean!

Without leaving Alicante you can find the Hotel Deloix Aqua Center in Benidorm. A modern hotel with luxury rooms which have balconies with pool, city and mountain views. Their big facilities and their careful selected decoration make it an exceptional location to host a wedding.

Lastly the Hotel Balneario Las Arenas in Valencia it’s an amazing 5 stars and big luxury complex which offers an unbeatable scenario because of its beauty and elegance for a wedding. Also, it has a wellness & spa area which is perfect to get relaxed after the ceremony. It is just in front of the beach so you have beautiful views and you can also walk around the promenade.

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Spain



And that’s all! Some gorgeous and very different places to get married in Spain. We really hope this information was helpful and that any of the places fit your needs so you can celebrate your dreamed wedding.


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