Costa Blanca weddings: top Alicante wedding venues for your Mediterranean wedding

The blog post that anyone who's getting married in our beautiful Mediterranean area was looking for. The top wedding venues and villas for Costa Blanca weddings! Yaaaaaay

This list is based in our professional expertise as destination wedding photographers in Costa Blanca. We have worked in all of the venues we're listing, and all the pictures shown in here were taken by us. But the list is also as personal preference -since we are from Altea (Alicante) and we'been living and photographing around Costa Blanca for our whole life-.
We know the area very much. In fact we did an amazing 8 months assignment for the Valencian Tourism Agency photographing the whole Valencian Community, which meant finding places in the Costa Blanca we even didn't know they existed.

Also, if that's not enough, we have asked our lovely couples which wedding venues in Alicante they considered and why they picked theirs.

Lets get into our top Costa Blanca/Alicante wedding venues topic!

Our top 5 wedding venues in Alicante for Costa Blanca weddings

Altea, Alicante wedding venues: the most artistic town in Costa Blanca

As you could imagine we're starting with weddings in Altea, Alicante (Spain). As we have already said we are from this amazing town, so it was kinda expected to be the first one in our list. David grew up here and Carla started studying Fine Arts in the Altea university.

We love it so much we're named after it (yes, d'Althea comes from this lovely town). It's one of our favorite places in the world.

Also, this wedding venue is in our top venues in Costa Blanca, to be honest. It might even be the number #1.

We're talking about...

Finca Marqués de Montemolar

(pictures of the wedding at Marques Montemolar taken by us)

The 'Finca Marqués de Montemolar' is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Alicante (Costa Blanca). Next to Casa Santonja, in Javea, it's our favourite. This 1924 palace has it all: nature, architectural heritage, exclusivity and more important: amazing Mediterranean views to Altea's bay, to Serra Gelada's natural park and Calpe's Peñón d'Ifach. This is the perfect perfect place to get married in Costa Blanca.

Even more, the Altea wedding venue 'Finca Marqués de Montemolar' is declared as protected space because of its architectural heritage, since it's a great example of XIX century bourgeoisie/middle-class and aristocracy suburban architecture.

Guest capacity: up to 400 guests

Website: Finca Marques Montemolar

Javea, Alicante wedding venues: this one shines

Here comes the very famous... Casa Santonja! Along with Marques Montemolar, our favorite wedding villa for Costa Blanca weddings. This one is one of the wedding venues in Alicante where we work the most. Easily we photograph 3-5 weddings per year here. The first one we did was in 2018 and we felt in love with it. Its original town is Beniarbeig, but it's close to Javea and Denia (which are more famous) so people normally say it's there.

Casa Santonja

(pictures of different weddings at Casa Santonja taken by us)

Yes, you guessed it right: Casa Santonja is our favourite venue in Javea! This place is AMAZING. Its whole facade is covered in leaves, it has an amazing place for the ceremony surrounded by trees and bushes with a little chapel (the one in the pictures), a HUGE garden for the banquet with a small pond, a great indoor place for the party and lots of parking spots.

It's mainly surrounded by nature. Of course you can hear the birds chirping and even some frogs croaking in the afternoon. We freakingly love it. We have many destination weddings scheduled there right now and we can't wait for them to come!

Guest capacity: up to 350 guests

Website: Casa Santonja

Beach wedding venues in Moraira and Benissa for Mediterranean sea lovers

Some of the most common wedding venues in Costa Blanca are placed near the Mediterranean sea. That's because the Costa Blanca is basically a beach area. It is surrounded by sand and stone beaches, and it is specially known because of its 'calas' (small bays) like Cala Portitxol (or Cala de la Barraca), Cala Blanca (or La Caleta) and Cala Granadella.

So, if you're thinking about getting married in front of the Mediterranean sea here is our choice. Bear in mind that Moraira and Benissa don't have a big venue, but what they do have is... Private villas. And that's our suggestion in both these towns: a wedding in a private villa.

Private villa in Moraira and Benissa

(pictures of different weddings at private villas taken by us)

The name says it all, right? But what it doesn't say is that weddings at private villas have a different rhythm. They are much more intimate and relaxed, which doesn't mean they are not fun. Is just a different vibe.
The hard part here is to pick the perfect villa. The easy part is there are lots of them in the area. They normally are able to hold up to 100-120 guests, but it depends.

Normally they have pools, which is great since Spanish summer is very hot. We are used to see many guests getting into the pool, or at least just getting their feet in the fresh water while enjoying a casual conversation with some friends while having a tasty and fresh drink.

Your guests will love it!

Guest capacity: depends on the villa

Website: depends on the villa

Costa Blanca wedding venues with mountain views (and a little bit of sea) in Benimantell, Alicante

This one is not really in Costa Blanca, but is almost Costa Blanca. In fact you can still see the sea, but not so much. You might know the famous "Castillo de Guadalest" (the Guadalest Castle). A very small town which is unbelievably beautiful. Well, right in front of that town there's an incredible hotel surrounded by the mountains. That hotel is called...


Costa blanca weddings: a wedding at Hotel VIVOOD
Juliette and Giona in their wedding at Raco del Pastor (follow the link to see their gallery)

Another beautiful venue. Hotel VIVOOD has great landscape views and the ceremony area is so beautiful. You'll get to say 'I do' at sunset (hopefully, since the light at that time is amazing) in an aisle in the middle of the water while the huge mountains and nature surround you two and all your guests. Since it's a hotel they also have rooms for you and your guests, and you can get ready in their suits, which guess what: they also have mountain views!

Guest capacity: up to 250 guests

Website: Hotel VIVOOD

A different idea for a wedding venue in Alicante (Orba)

Here comes another suggestion for wedding venues in Costa Blanca. This one is also not really in Costa Blanca, but very close. This one is located in Orba. It used to be a horse stable, and as a matter of fact it still is. It has so many different areas that you could pick any spot in there and it will be amazing. We're talking about...

Racó del Pastor

Costa blanca weddings: a wedding at racó del Pastor (Orba)

Elena and Nikolai's wedding at Raco del Pastor (follow the link to see their gallery)

Racó del Pastor is a great choice too! Yes, it might not have views to the Mediterranean sea, but the nature surrounding it is astonishing.
One of our most fun weddings took place there and we couldn't have more fun! The ceremony took place in the afternoon when the sun was not as high so the light was perfect, but also the temperature was much more pleasant since it wasn't as hot as it would be if it were at 12pm. This one is another incredible choice for a wedding in Costa Blanca!

Guest capacity: up to 400 guests

Website: Racó del Pastor

Bonus suggestion! An Alicante wedding venue inside a golf court

Here comes our last suggestion for wedding venues in Alicante. This is a more particular choice that will delight those who love golfing, but is not mandatory to enjoy the sport. This is about...

El Plantio Golf resort

Costa blanca weddings: a wedding at El Plantío Golf Resort (Alicante)

El Plantio golf resort is our last suggestion, but not for a particular reason. It has lot of nature and green areas (duh... it's a golf resort!) but it also has an inside area for dinner and to party, and outside area to enjoy the cocktail, and the ceremony is usually held at the golf court.

Guest capacity: up to 250 guests

Website: El Plantio Golf resort

Well, that was it, our top wedding villas and venues for Costa Blanca weddings located in the most iconic Costa Blanca places: Altea, Javea/Denia, Moraira, Benissa or even Orba and Benimantell.

Are you getting married in any of these Alicante wedding venues, or even in one that we didn't mention and you're looking for a wedding photographer? Then... We would love to hear from you and your awesome destination wedding in Costa Blanca!

Get in touch with us!