Climbing Calpe’s Peñon d’Ifach

There's a Valencian expression that says 'pensat i fet' which basically means that something crosses your mind and then you do it. Our last Sundays are being very 'pensat i fet'. We're getting up early and driving anywhere, but the most common place is Altea.

This time we drove there, visited Albir's 'paseo marítimo' (promenade), grabbed some sushi in our favorite Japanese restaurant, had some coffee with our lifelong friends (we couldn't see them in months since we all were under lock down because of the Covid-19) and as soon as the sun started to go down we headed to Calpe's Peñón de Ifach to enjoy some of the amazing views that the lovely Costa Blanca has.

The path to the hill can be divided in two different parts: the first one is extremely easy and kinda dull, once you get to cross a short tunnel the path transforms into a cliff-climbing hike which is not really that easy. Is not hard either, but certainly is not easy. Better don't look down sometimes, specially if you are afraid of heights like David!
In some points along the way you'll need to grab firmly the chains hammered into the wall since the rounded rocks are slippery and is kinda dangerous, but honestly is really not that hard to go all the way to the top and its views are AMAZING.

If you're going up in summer take some fresh water with you and be sure to have enough time to go down before it gets dark!

We'll do it again for sure, meanwhile there are some pictures below. Hope you like them and let us know what you think if you do it! Or if you already climbed it leave a comment sharing your experience :D

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