What we did when we were in quarantine (Coronavirus edition)

Hooooola beautiful people!

How are you? We are quite fine to be honest. This time under quarantine because of the Coronavirus wasn’t easy at all. There have been moments of tension, stress and doubts about when all this is going to pass by, what is going to happen with the weddings and assignments we have already scheduled and we’ve been worried about our people.

Not be able to go out has been hard too. Not sure if you know it but Spain had one of the most aggressive restrictions to properly contain the spread of the virus, which meant that we weren’t able to go out by any means that is not go to the supermarket or throw out the garbage. These restrictions worked very well, but we all are very social and it’s been specially difficult.

Fortunately everything is great now and we’re starting to go back to normal right now so we’re veeeeeeery happy :)
In fact we’re almost in phase 2 (out of 3) of the quarantine de-escalation process, which means that weddings can be celebrated again up to 100 guests if it’s in a outside area. This new phase 2 should last two weeks until we make it to phase 3, which will mean that we’ll be almost over by then.

Travelling to Spain will also be re-activated starting July 1st with total health guarantees for visitors which means that very soon will start having the already scheduled destination weddings in Spain which we really CAN’T WAIT! Yes, we said it but we have to repeat it: we’re veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy

As we were saying the first days were easy: we took advantage to do lots of thing we needed to do, like finishing editing and sending some assignments, catch up with the mail, fix some minor web design things we wanted to change, use some old paint we had left to paint the living room, repair some home appliances, clean from the inside out our computers and cameras, workout in the living room… Well, yeah, we really took the most out of it the very first weeks.

Obviously we also watched some TV shows (like Money Heist -La casa de papel in Spanish-, Narcos, Better Call Saul or BoJack Horseman), slept without setting the alarm, read some book, played some online games with friends, listened to music like there was no tomorrow and got carried away doing nothing a little bit, which is not bad from time to time.
By the way, Carla already knew this live song (in fact she recommended me to listen it in some occasion but I’m quite stubborn some times) but I didn’t so here you go, an amazing song first and we keep telling you about our locked down days because of the Coronavirus:

Problem is… Now that everything is done, what? How do we spend 24 hours inside our home for what it ended being 2 months?

Well, taking photographs, of course! We did a photography series imitating those iconic portraits or from famous artists which we love only following an obvious premise: we can only use what we have at home or what we can buy in the supermarket while doing the weekly shop and we needed the original picture to have a neutral background since we can’t go out and we don’t really like to fake things in Photoshop.

It turned out to be an amazing way to spend our time. We loved to study the portrayed gestures, expressions, the lighting, composition, make up… It really made our quarantine much easier and funnier.

The original author is inside the parentheses except for those we couldn’t find the author’s name, and before the parentheses there’s the portrayed name.

Keep scrolling down to watch the whole photography series. Hope you like it! We’d love to hear from you in the comments letting us know which one you liked the most ?

Marilyn Monroe (Bert Stern)

Mick Jagger (Annie Leibovitz)

Ricky Gervais (Nadav Kander)

Robert Deniro (Andy Gotts)

Rubén Pozo (Titán Pozo)

Lady Gaga

Steve Carell (Martin Schoeller)

Man in curlers (Diane Arbus)

John Lennon

Liam Gallagher