The best Valencia wedding photographer for your Mediterranean wedding

Viiiscaaaa Valèeeeencia, viscaaa, viscaaa. Yeah, you might not know what this is but if I tell you that's Valencia's hymn you do. Or don't you? Well, even if you do or don't you have decided to get married in Valencia and now is time to find a Valencia wedding photographer, and we're here for you!

But first, an explanation for our title: there's no such thing as 'the best Valencia wedding photographer' unless you're thinking in the best wedding photographer for your personality. Let us explain a bit more: the best 'something' is not the same for everyone. And wedding photography is no exception. You need to find the best 'something' according to the way you both understand life and -therefore- your wedding.

Well, to see if we are the best wedding photographer in Valencia for you let us walk through our philosophy and way we understand life -and therefore weddings-.

Valencia wedding photographer. Casa Santonja Denia

We believe a wedding should be an incredible day for a couple to celebrate with all their people having a blast. Is not the time to follow protocols, is not the time to think about anything else that is not enjoying your day. That's why we don't like to make our couples pose, which would mean we would have to interrupt them. We want you to cry rivers, to have a bigger smile than Julia Roberts (that's hard, yeah!), to tear apart both your dress and suit, to jump 5 meters from the ground or whatever. We want you to fully enjoy your day, and we want to capture that energy.

This is about you guys, and your desire to celebrate something unique and extremely personal. Something that follows no protocol because there shouldn't be any protocol to life, and your wedding is part of your life

Lets be honest here: you might have all came from very far away, with so many people, to follow a strict protocol or to be worried about anything that is not enjoying all you organized for so long.

Random spontaneity is what drives the world, let's let it do it's thing and just enjoy a great time to be alive (and of course, having it photographed. Those are the moments worth capturing and sharing haha)

Valencia wedding photographer with a natural and candid approach

All this text so far and we haven't introduced ourselves yet... Wasn't that rude?!
We are David and Carla, destination wedding photographers based in Valencia (Spain) doing candid and beautiful wedding photo reportages all over the world.

That means that your wedding might not be exactly in Valencia. It can be in Alicante too, or Altea, Javea, Madrid, Barcelona. Or maybe even in Paris, London, New York, Lisbon, Berlin, Quebec... Wherever! We can be there for you (like Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe or Joey) and portrait you in all your joy with all your energy having a blast in your wedding day.

You can know more about us if you want to, but this really is about you. Or about other couples that have worked with us and say this:

So, still looking for a Valencia wedding photographer? Does the way we understand photography, life and weddings fit you? Is there something you would like to ask? Because...

We would love to hear from you and your awesome wedding in Valencia!

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