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Your wedding day may or may not be set but there’s something you do know: you want to get married near the Mediterranean sea. Now you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Costa Blanca and landed in our website, so… Congrats, you have found yours!

Yeah, I know, that was kinda lame. But give us some minutes, we’re going to show you why we can be your perfect match (aside your partner, of course).

As you may know the Costa Blanca is part of the province of Alicante and has one of the most varied and beautiful landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula with valleys, cliffs, mountains and our big star: the Mediterranean sea.

The area is composed of many small towns, each one of them with its peculiarities. To name a few: Moraira, Altea, Calpe, Javea, Benissa, Torrevieja, Albir, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucía, Denia, Benidorm, Finestrat, Villajoyosa, Guadalest… And that’s just us getting started!

And in one of these gorgeous towns is were your wedding is going to take place.

Casa Santonja wedding

But the views is not all they have to offer. They are also know because of their great weather -only rains less than 60 days a year- and amazing food which will sure have a role in your wedding too.

We are sure you already know all this, that’s why you picked it! Let’s get to the Costa Blanca wedding photographer point. Or what is the same: someone who can take the most out of your wedding pictures and all these peculiarities the Costa Blanca has and make something unique. A wedding photography reportage that will show exactly how amazing your wedding was, how beautiful you two are, how radiant you look, how much fun your guests had, how great the views were and how gorgeous everything was decorated. Let us show you more about our wedding photography work and services.

Wedding photographer in Costa Blanca with a natural and candid approach

wedding in Denia

(Roxy and Adam, from England, got married almost touching the Mediterranean sea in Moraira’s castle)

You probably don’t know who we are, so to make it easy we are David and Carla, a couple of Spanish wedding photographers who are specialized in abroad couples doing their destination wedding in Costa Blanca.

Even though we are established in Valencia (Spain) David was raised in Altea, so he spent his entire child hood in the area and knows everything around it. We also have many friends there who we visit as much as we can, and wedding photography has allowed us to go back to the area much more often so we’re incredible grateful for that.

Yeah, by the way we talk about it you can grasp that we love photographing weddings in Costa Blanca. They are amazing. Moraira, Calpe, Javea, Denia, Villajoyosa… They all have something unique. Finding the perfect wedding photographer in Costa Blanca might not be as easy, specially if you’re organizing your wedding from a different country or you are concerned about the language or cultural barrier. Well, in our case there’s no language or cultural barrier. We are not the ones saying that, but our couples with their reviews:

Jonathan + Linda

"We met David & Carla thanks to Google Maps. We used to live in Valencia, in the very same neighbourhood they were also living and at that time we started planning our wedding. When we found them, and discovered their website, we immediately fell in love with their style! We loved their long and funny texts, we loved the fact that they share so many stories and anecdotes about themselves and about the newly-weds they photograph, we loved their spontaneous pictures, we loved the fact that they are 2 and that they are a lovely couple. What makes these photographers so special is that we loved them as well as we loved the style of their pictures!
David has a perfect level in English and Carla understands it very well too. It was a bonus for us as we are French and we feel more comfortable in English than Spanish.
We met them in person in Valencia before our wedding that took place in Paris (France). They flew over-there just for us (and they can go anywhere!!) and we are sooo happy with the pictures (just have a look at them! We’re pretty sure you’ll find them awesome!). We were (and we’re still) amazed!
During the wedding, they were so discreet that we almost haven’t notice their presence. But they were everywhere!! And they haven’t missed a single key moment! We highly appreciated this aspect. Thanks to their “photographer’s eye”, we discovered lot of details we missed the D-Day (as we were focused on other things, you know, time flies when you are the bride and groom), and it moved us. We are sure we wouldn’t have been able to find better photographers. They exceeded our expectations! If you’re still hesitating, just go grab a cup of coffee with them. They are accessible, very easygoing (but still always professional) and so kind, they will make sure to answer all questions you have."

Laura + Paul

"I can't speak positively enough about David and Carla - what a pair! From the moment I reached out on Instagram, they were so responsive, friendly and kind. And, full of ideas! Our wedding was postponed twice due to the pandemic and they were in-touch with me throughout. It was so great to finally meet them in October and they were just fantastic. We have so many amazing pictures to remember our day!"

Silvia + Juan

"(Translated from Spanish) Absolutely recommended. Our wedding was on October 2nd, 2021. Without a doubt they are the best professional photographers to capture the best day of your lives. We must remark the spontaneity of their pictures, the use of lighting and the quality of their photographs. They made us feel comfortable at all time, which made it much easier since the first picture in our intimate session photo shoot until the last one of our "W" (wedding) day. David and Carla you're amazing!!"

Olivia + Maxim

  "We are beyond satisfied of our wedding experience with David, Carla and d'Althea photography! Our number one request was that all pictures would feel natural, that the people at the wedding would not feel pressured under the lens and that the overall mood had to be easy-going. Those request were met! Not only did they make us feel comfortable but they were so cool and friendly. Both of them always smile and no mather the organizational changes they adapted swiflty and efficiently. They listened to our photo concepts and needs and applied our request in their shooting. We received the pictures rapidly both physically and digitally. They also sent us special attentions like drawn portraits, suggestions of music to listen to while looking at the pictures and tea to drink while discovering the pictures. We highly recommend these two professional photographers because they made our wedding experience that much better. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. Olivia and Maxim"

Zoe + Luke

  "We hired David & Carla as our photographer & videographer for our wedding day on 13th October 2019. As an English couple wanting their wedding in Spain, we were concerned there would be a language barrier & cultural issue when choosing a photographer. Because of our concerns we asked to meet David & Carla a year ahead of the wedding to see if we got on with them well and speak to them about what we wanted for our day. David spoke perfect English and they were both so lovely and friendly. We knew we had to have them for our wedding. I think David & Carla were one of the best things we could have done for our wedding. On the wedding day they literally did not stop all day, videoing & taking photos & they were so natural & they came up with so many different & amazing ideas, they just blended in with our day completely. Nothing was too big or too small for them, we asked them to provide us with at least 200 photos for us for our wedding party back in England the week after & they managed it within 4 days after the wedding & they even managed to do us a short trailer of our wedding video which was above and beyond what we expected. Everyone from the party commented on how beautiful the photos were and how natural they look. When we received the whole run of photos and the long video, they arrived in a tote bag with our initials hand sewn on & a box with a few photos printed off, a painting of one of our photos, tea, magnets with our star signs on & a memory stick with a lovely instruction note tied to it, everything was handmade and such a perfect last little touch. They had captured every moment and every last detail of the whole day. The photos & video are completely natural. We are so happy & pleased with how our photos & video have turned out. We will look back on our wedding day with the most amazing memories through the video & photos they have taken. Thank you so much David & Carla for capturing our day. From your friends in England, Mr & Mrs Renshaw xx"

Laura + Alejandro

  " (Translated from Spanish) David and Carla are simply wonderful, great professionals. With their photographs we now have precious memories from our wedding and moments captured with great naturalness and care. Nothing was forced. And that's not all: they are great people who spread sympathy and humility. We are very shy in front of a camera but with them it was as if there was no camera. We are infinitely grateful and happy to have found them for our day. The result was a 10/10 from beginning to end. We would trust them again with our eyes closed. They are totally recommended."
Wedding at Casa Marina Suites (Benissa)

And also our wedding photography (and life) philosophy, which sums up in these concepts: naturalness, not posing, candid portraits and not disturbing you in your day. We want to photograph real emotion. We want you to jump as high as you can with the weirdest face and capture that. Portrait you while crying, laughing, smiling with a bigger smile than Julia Roberts’ (ok, that’s kinda hard…), being thrown into the pool or the sea, dancing until your feet hurts so much you need to put them in ice, or whatever happens at your wedding. We want to make you remember exactly how happy you felt that day and remember it forever.

This is about you guys, and your desire to celebrate something unique and extremely personal. Something that follows no protocol because there shouldn’t be any protocol to life, and your wedding is part of your life

As you can see naturalness and spontaneity are very important for us, because that’s how we face life: not forcing anything and letting everything flow. But, since we are wedding photographers, what is better than show you some examples? Here you have some examples, and in our galleries you can find more pictures.

And that’s who we basically are. There’s no such thing as the best wedding photographer in Costa Blanca, but the perfect fit for your personality. If you understand your wedding the way we do please get in touch with us, tell us about your great day and let’s get things flowing!


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