#10 Carol + Ainoa

«I want you in my life, I want you like that and I love you in any way»

This post is part of a photography series that we've called 'bésame muuuchooooo' (kiss me a lot, like the Spanish song) where we tell stories about the way these couples have met each other and portray them in all their raw and passional love

How they met each other

Ainoa: - I knew she existed because I was seeing a girl who was her ex. I saw her in pictures but not in person, and I couldn't have an idea of how could she be. One day I started working in La Paca (a Valencia's bar) after the pandemic and I said 'I'm going to have a beer with my friends', so we went to a park in Blasco Ibáñez and we were there just hanging out and she (Carol) was there too, and I said 'come on girls' to the group where she was. I obviously saw her and I was very attracted to her. In fact that unknown group was formed by many girls and I only talked to her. I told her to come to La Paca the next day. She did. When I went home that night it's true that I kept thinking when I heard her name 'no way, it can't be her, she can't be my date's ex girlfriend, that's too sad'. But the next day Carol came to the bar and she gave me a very good vibe. At first it was strange because you were her ex girlfriend, but then being at your home I felt your energy and it was super nice. I'm lead by energies and that day we talked for a long time, so I really wanted to keep knowing her, maybe in another way. You know?

Carol: - The way I met her was totally different than hers, because what Ainoa just told you happened in April. I perfectly knew who she was. In november I saw her in Tinder and I swear that I felt something super weird. It was like a 'wow' energy and I matched her but she didn't matched me because she didn't saw me and I was like 'no, there's no way I'm leaving it like that'. I was super stubborn, like 'man, man, man, I have a super crush on that girl and I don't know her at all. So, I logged in on Instagram and I check we have some friends in common: my ex, my ex's mom, my ex's sister, my ex's best friend and no one else. At first I thought 'this is a fake account created by my ex' (laughs) and then I said: that can't be it, I can't leave it like that. I swear I felt something, it was really weird. So I talked to a friend in common and I asked her: 'who is this girl? where is she coming from and what does she has with my ex? Because I'm really interested in hitting on her' and she answers that she has been seeing my ex but nothing else. So, that was November, and I was like never mind, she didn't even matched me. December, January, February and March passed by. One day of April a friend of mine says: 'I'm seeing a girl' and I was like 'who?' so she says 'take a look at my Instagram stories' and when I check them it was her (Ainoa). I saw her and I said to myself 'that can't be true'. That was a Tuesday, the same day that she came back to my mind. Then the next Thursday she appears in a park in Blasco Ibáñez and then what she told you before begins. I kept saying 'no way, I love her, I love her, I love her, no way' so when she came to talk to me and said 'I work in La Paca, you should come visit me if you want to' I was like: I don't know, I'll think about it. Of course, the next day at 5pm I was there, like yeahyeahyeah. In fact I remember she told me something and I couldn't even watch her in the eye for at least for 4 weeks. I was unable to look her at the eye because I felt such a strong crush on her and I couldn't believe a girl like her just came to my life. It was really hard to take in. It like: it's happening. And it did happened, so here we are.

The first time they saw each other

Carol: - What a hot girl and what a nice vibe that girl gives me

Ainoa: - Super positive energy from the very first moment, at first sight. It was like 'fuck, what a girl', I was really attracted to her. And then when I talked to her, the eye contact, the amazing energy, her little smile...

How do they see each other now

Carol: - You go first, you take that shy part out of me that no one is able to do.

Ainoa: - Right now I feel great. I think we provide super positive things to each other

Carol: - We learn a lot from each other

Ainoa: - Yeah…

Carol: - I admire you, you know? I admire you as a person

Ainoa: - I admire you too, my girl. I don't know, these days we have talked a little bit more, we have met each other a little bit more in a different way, we have become a little bit more intense...

Carol: - In Ibiza I told her: do you want to be my girlfriend? (laughs). That was a sentence we have said but we actually flow a lot. I mean, the word 'girlfriend' it's there, but nothing has changed from the moment I said it. We don't want to label each other like that because we are two people that are together and we want to share many good and bad things, and we both like a lot to flow and let ourselves go. In the end, what is a girlfriend? I want you in my life, I want you like that and I love you in any way.

Ainoa: - There's something we really look the same, and that's the love. We both consider the fact that we are together won't imply stopping... We have always said that we are going to have communication and the moment we feel we want to do something we'll talk to each other, and we'll grow and we'll get to know us this way. She can grow in a way and I can grow in a different way, but we can complement each other.

Carol: - For me learn from each other is basic. And respect, communication and freedom to know that she is with me but she's not mine. For me that's super important. She is her own and I'm my own, but I want to be with you, and I want that together we can be us, without you stopping to be Ainoa or without me stopping being Carol, and that's something we always have to have in mind. I think it's something we both have pretty clear and it's really nice. And little by little I can keep looking at you in the eye (laughs) and not getting so nervous as I used to do.

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