#3 Elena + Pablo

Holy shit, we're making out!

This post is part of a photography series that we've called 'bésame muuuchooooo' (kiss me a lot, like the Spanish song) where we tell stories about the way these couples have met each other and portray them in all their raw and passional love

'We used to work together as a entertainers in a hotel. We were a team of 5, but with him and another girl were the ones who I was more comfortable with. We weren't fooling around at all, but our boss said: uuuuh, there's something in the air between you two. He said that to both of us.
Meeting him was very different. I felt different, happy, comfortable. The clients couldn't see us since we couldn't have a relationship at work. In our free day we couldn't grab each others hand because of the company image'

'I wasn't expecting anything. It was completely unexpected. We were dancing, laughing, and then we were kissing. Our manager came and said 'what are you doing????' and that's when I realized: holy shit, we're making out!!'

I wasn't expecting anything. It was completely unexpected