Bésame mucho [kiss me a lot]

Right now we’re pretty sure you know how much we love naturalness, spontaneity, and pure, raw and pasional love. The fact to let oneself go, enjoy and live the moment, let life be as vivid and forceful as possible… We’re pretty sure you also know how much we love to photograph all that and to encourage you to show all that passion and desire to live to our cameras and anytime.

You might also know, and if you don’t we’re letting you know right now, that we love to hear all our couples stories: how they met, their anecdotes, their best and worst moment as a couple, how long they’ve been together… With all this it came to our minds: why don’t go all the way and get to know different couples that much? Get in their intimacy -with all the respect they deserve-, listen to their story and portray them in all that raw and passionate love that a kiss (specially with tongue) has.

That’s what we did! Wee bring to you love stories, but specially stories that say, like the Spanish song goes, ‘béeeeeesame, béeesame muuuchooo’ (kiss me a loooot). We can’t promise a story per week since it depends on how much work we have but we’ll do our best to bring you a story per month. This post will be regularly updated so be sure to bookmark it!

Allá vamoooos!

Love stories 1000 times better than Twilight

#10 Carol + Ainoa
‘I want you in my life, I want you like that and I love you in any way’

#9 Chabela + Óscar
‘When I reached the door… He was pooping! And I was like, what do I do now?’

#8 Jade + Natsu
‘It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds, she’s going to do it anyway’

#7 Lorena + Andrés
‘This year it’s been 19 years since it all started. That’s quite something!’

#6 Guillem + Andrea
‘I didn’t have to look for anything else, I had already found everything’

#5 Marina + Simo
If you want to I can speak zulu’

#4 Rosa + Miquel
‘It has always remained intact throughout the relationship and we have been together for 7 years’

#3 Elena + Pablo
‘Holy sh*t, we’re making out!’

#2 Marina + Will
‘He’s my friend, my boyfriend, my everything. But above all he’s my team’

#1 Aida + Bruno
‘Where are you going, Arctic Monkey?’