#6 Guillem + Andrea

I didn't have to look for anything else, I had already found everything

This post is part of a photography series that we've called 'bésame muuuchooooo' (kiss me a lot, like the Spanish song) where we tell stories about the way these couples have met each other and portray them in all their raw and passional love

'We met on Tinder. I created an account because a friend of mine had it and I saw there were interesting people using it and I said 'I'm gonna try it'. The following week I hit 'match' in a girl without much expectation... The next day I saw she 'matched' me too and started talking. We exchanged each others Instagram account and the next week we met in person. When I saw her I already had the feeling that I knew her forever'

we saved our first cinema ticket, and all the other following movie tickets. That's where we had our first kiss

'Yes, I also felt very confident with him. Not only in person, I already felt that when we were texting each other. I remember saying: 'I really want to meet him in person and see how we are together, because I never felt that kind of connection so fast with someone I didn't know.
We went to the movies, we saved our first cinema ticket. That's where we had our first kiss. Then we went to have dinner without forcing anything, just flowing, one before the other, and we ended up in her apartment in Valencia doing 'pititim' and 'patatam' (laughs).

'The next day I uninstalled Tinder'. 'I did it too. The very first moment I met her I uninstalled the app because I didn't need to look for someone anymore. I have already found everything. If I wouldn't have hit 'match' on her we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have lived what we did, and what I hope we will'