Wedding at La Industrial (Murcia)

Uffffffffffff..... uf... uf... this wedding was too much! Really, really, much. Let's try to take it easy because this wedding at La Industrial was amazing.

Let's start with our two stars: Nuria and Adrián. They have been close to each other since they both were 5 years old, but that's because they were school friends until 18. They say the sparkle might have been there since they both were teenagers, but they relationship starts when they both finish their University studies.

Knowing how far goes they relationship we HAD to do something about it, and you can see what we did in one of the pictures. Of course we had to make a reference to their past after many, many relationship years. First as friends and then as lovers. Let's see if you're able to find the picture we're referring...

But in the mean time let's get back to their wedding at La Industrial, where we worked again with Silvia Sánchez, an amazing wedding planner with which we worked together at Elena and Nikolai's wedding. Silvia, one more time, went above and beyond. Her design was astounding. And not just her, we also worked for our very first time with the DJs Mapi and Juanma, from Aguacate y Mango, who both have some incredible Nervo vibe

There was an incredible attention to detail in every corner. Starting with Nuria's dress and shoes, who look incredible, but also Adrián's suit. But if we have to point something else is the way they both posed for their couple pictures. We really love them! It was really hard to make their selection because we wanted to keep them all.

And now... let's get to the decorations. OH-MY-GOD (Janice from FRIENDS waving her hand in front of her face). Natural light, chandeliers, soft lights or even party light (yes, Silvia designed a different lighting for every moment of the wedding). Each one was even better than the one before!
And if there's one light we have to highlight, it would be the one that got the party started: all green and yellow while Cuban Pete from the movie The Mask started to play while everyone was forming a conga line.

Since we're talking about the party, let's talk about the Tiburón (the shark). A very funky and funny song that both Nuria and Adrián hate, but Mapi and Juanma (Aguacate y Mango) knew they had to play it... While their staff came out in a shark costume delivering rum to everyone. Take a look at Nuria's face expression when she notice the sharks appearing hahahaha

And the rest is history. But Nuria and Adrián's history. But considering what we witnessed in their wedding at La Industrial we're sure it's going to be an incredibly beautiful and long one.

Venue: La Industrial (Cieza, Murcia)
Wedding planner: Silvia Sánchez
Catering: Local de ensayo
Florist: La Federica
Hair dresser: Annie Vidal
Make up: Consue Ortiz
Bride's dress: Ramón Herrerías
Bride's shoes: Valentino
DJ: Aguacate y Mango
Furniture: Mafesa
Photography: d'Althea